CREATIVE@WORK - with The Gentle Coach

Suzanne's "Reclaim your Creativity" course at Jugenheim, Germany for Franciscan Community

at Suzanne's course in Jugenheim, Germany, 2016 

Helping you access calm, wisdom and creative thinking so you can confidently make progress...

Effectively, sustainably and with lightness of being 

Sometimes it can feel like every day is a challenge. Focused on staying safe, the brain is on alert. It's a tense and tiring way to be. We're not at our smartest, and chances are there's no joy either. 

Recent research has found that simple forms of meditation and creative expression substantially drop stress hormones in most people.

INTEGRATING introspective enquiry coaching known as The Journey - with meditation and mindful creativity helps you access your wisdom so you can move forward from past stuff that may be sabotaging your progress.

At the foundation of my coaching and educational programs is a proven system ...

ENHANCING calm and focus

FOSTERING the 'flow' of your natural creativity

ENRICHING creative thinking​

RESTORING curiosity and imagination

access more of your INTELLIGENCE with less effort

practice sustainable STRATEGIES​

so you can feel NOURISHED and FULFILLED

upgrading your SENSE OF WORTH, PURPOSE & CONFIDENCE for the next chapter. 

'Flow' is where all the parts of the creative process come together in a seamless unfolding of being and doing. You can be like a channel for brilliance, open to possibility, responsive...

...knowing the experience of having both given your best and received something great. 

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~ Create a sense of clarity about where you're at 

~ Discover what you'll need to upgrade your experience

​~ Find out the most important action that will help you confidently move forward 

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"The only unique contribution that we will ever make in this world will be born of our creativity"      BRENE'  BROWN