Fostering best practice Creative Visionary Thinking 

with a unique system of coaching, art and mindfulness informed by neuroscience that can positively impact well-being

Creative thinking is listed as a top management 'skill' by the World Economic Forum. However, the ways it is 'being done' may not foster creative thinking at all. 

Research has demonstrated that brainstorming does not work in ways we once thought. 

Creative thinking, can be greatly undermined by the pressure of deadlines and when solutions are demanded quickly. Creativity does not work like that.

Constraints help, but not time pressure.

Pressure creates stress, which, over time, causes damaging biochemical and adverse changes in the body.

Stress and burnout are major problems in almost every arena, and not only lead to health issues but also substandard outcomes with costly ripple effects.

It's not just about ideation - generation of ideas. We need elegant, multi-faceted, carefully considered ways to meet complex challenges. And this, of course, requires best thinking practice. 

What if there were a way to foster extraordinary ideas and at the same time, help prevent burnout?

There is. And you get to be the project... a systematic approach that helps you live into more of your potential while caring for your being

 so you can become a better thinking version of you.


The System is (mostly) a 10 week intensive coaching program that has been developed and refined over several years. The program is based on 3 premises:

1. You can change for the better, upgrading your thinking and positively impacting your sphere of influence, if you are willing.

2. Rather than working harder, you can learn how to be a lot smarter and kinder to yourself ... so you can shine, being yourself, and deliver what you were born to give without burning yourself out.

3. As such, you are ​a worthy project to invest in.

So, here are the 7 modules that make up the program:

MODULE 1 ~ I AM GIFTED:  Get off to a strong start reconnecting with your true colours - your gifts. Find out how you can tap into these inner resources with a do-able action plan and goals that excite and resonate with who you are.                                  

MODULE 2 ~ I AM FREE: Upgrade your mindset so your personal growth can move ahead in leaps and bounds, opening your mind to greater possibilities for your abilities and therefore your life, and enabling your building of new skills throughout the program and reaping far greater benefits.

MODULE 3 ~ I AM TRUE: It's likely you're far more remarkable than you currently realise. Re-vamp your self-concept as you discover more of what is really true when you clear inner blocks. Enabling you to move forward with greater ease, courage and self-compassion, this module of one-on-one coaching is foundational to the rewards that are possible with your best intentions for yourself in this progam and beyond.

MODULE 4 ~ I AM ENRICHED: Nourish your imagination, spark your curiosity and upgrade your observation skills to enrich your mind. Throughout these inspirational, elegantly designed, tested and refined sessions, you will be expertly guided to experience hands-on making that provides a plethora of raw material to stimulate ideation. If you can hold a pencil, you can easily do this! Many participants consider themselves not one bit artistic and that's absolutely fine; no-one can tell who did what at the end of a class! (online and live)

MODULE 5 ~ I AM LUMINARY: Be guided to harness your very own neurology as you learn by doing Suzanne's experiential method for fostering creative flow. With very positive outcomes since 2014 when she presented this work for the first time to a group of 20 academics, her method is richly informed. Since each person shines in their own way, and no two minds are wired the same, there's plenty of scope and encouragement so your  unique creative thinking brilliance can be nurtured.

MODULE 6 ~ I AM VISIONARY: The aim in this module is to foster 'seeing' how to apply the Moss Method to specific challenges with guidance and feedback. Experience greater calm, focus and effectiveness as you harness your imagination with greater ease - the opposite to the effects of stress. Discover that building your visionary capability through deliberate practice is indeed a discipline which makes you more sustainable. Gain understanding too, that cultivating better quality thinking depends on knowing and caring for yourself better so you can prevent burn-out. You are worthy of your devotion!

MODULE 7 ~ I AM PURPOSEFUL: In this module, we connect more profoundly with your life's work; your creative work, after all what other kind of original contribution is there?  We'll review your action plan and goals and chart a fresh vision so you can move forward with conviction and integrity. When we lean into our potential, we realise there's so much more available to us than we realised. Know yourself as an awesome work in progress!

The 7 modules of The System can be delivered these ways:

~ Intensively, over 10 weeks 

~ Gently, privately, over 6 months​ (one-on-one)

~ Customised as course-work for professional development

~ Be Luminary ~

what are you waiting for?!

Start HERE with a complimentary 45 minute TRUE COLOURS SELF-DISCOVERY session

Developed from many years of training and experience as a health professional, artist, university and private visual arts educator, coach accredited in The Journey Method and mentor, along with several years of research and development, The System may be customised and presented in a broad range of educational and occupational contexts.       

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