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when every day seems like an emergency, find calm, confidence & creativity so you can feel nourished & think smarter

Suzanne's "Reclaim your Creativity" course at Jugenheim, Germany for Franciscan Community

Sometimes it can feel like every day is difficult. Focused on staying safe, the brain is on alert. It's a tense and tiring way to be. We're not at our smartest and there's no joy either. And... 

...have you ever noticed that when you're totally absorbed in creating something, your mind can be so open and everywhere at once, even your experience of time alters?

Ease, grace (there's no better word), and flashes of brilliance can happen in this aware state called 'flow'.

'Flow' is where all the parts of the creative process come together in a seamless unfolding of being and doing. You can feel super calm, curious, focussed, grounded, open to possibility, responsive... and when you step out of it, there can be a sense of fulfilment and replenishment. 

As your creative practice develops over time​, so does your sense of worth and purpose...and confidence grows...                        joy can trickle in and get stronger too... So...

How to foster flow?!

Not by saying "I'm too busy!" Or "I'm just not creative" Or

 "I don't have a creative bone in my body!"

I say - every bone is creative! And that statement has the effect of closing a door in one's own face - a doorway into curiosity, wonder and possibility - which can lead to feeling shut down, disheartened and not quite able to 'put your finger on' why.

In the free session below, we dive into an exploration that can help you -

~ Get clear about your kind of creativity

~ Discover how you'd like to reconnect with your creativity so you can upgrade your thinking and well-being

~ discover what might be blocking you from moving ahead with the creative expression of your dreams

~ Find out the most powerful actions that will move you toward nurturing your creative nature

~ the next effective step you can take so you can enjoy the calm and confidence in your blossoming creativity!

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Humans are born creative. Easy mindful art methods can be a doorway to reconnect with your curious, imaginative, creative nature. Developing your creativity is like training a muscle - the more you use it the stronger and easier it gets.

Coaching can help you break through inner limitations and grow stronger.

Creativity has surprising benefits.

Recent research has found that simple forms of creative expression substantially drop stress hormones in most people.

Less stress means your immune system can do it's job better... Plus brain activity alters, enhancing calm, clarity and focus, improving, expanding and enriching thinking. And when you're giving out all day, your creative expression brings replenishment.

Creativity can help on the road to recovery, building & sustaining your well-being

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*One of many excellent references is Jean Shinoda Bolen MD, "Close to the Bone: Life-Threatening Illness as a Soul Journey"​ 2007