Imagine a snake leaving its’ old snakeskin by the side of the path? Sensitive and maybe shaken, the people I work with are eager to get going with the next chapter. Wiser. Easier. More effective.

They're curious about what’s next; how best to go forward in line with their purpose.

They feel a sense of urgency, and at the same time are wary of striving the old way…and want to find out how to progress with excellence while caring for themselves.

They are open-minded, ready and willing to learn. Perhaps they’ve been on a ‘steep learning curve’ and would not say they are courageous, but yes, they are. 

They want to feel better - calm, confident and nourished - excited to be moving in the world, vitally alive and making a difference.

This is how I can help:

- lower anxiety and develop inner calm

- navigate change with greater ease and confidence

- upgrade your thinking skills 

- enrich your brain and foster ease of access to your best ideas

- feel more complete, connected and nourished

You can schedule a time to talk with me more about this here, or give me a call: +61 417 249175

Dr Suzanne Moss is an artist, educator and consulting coach. She has exhibited her paintings nationally, taught visual art at university and now teaches, coaches and consults privately. Her unique system and guided methods help people upgrade their effectiveness as they reconnect with their creativity and enrich their creative thinking.

During her doctorate in Visual Arts, Suzanne discovered her passion for mentoring and teaching. A former Physiotherapist and Strength & Conditioning coach, she became accredited in The Journey Method (transformational life coaching), completed Advanced and Mastery training, Enneagram Masterclasses, The Visionary Leadership Programme with Coaching certification and Graduate Teacher Training. 

Suzanne runs creative workshops, retreats and coaching programmes. Since 2012, she has been presenting in Australia and since 2016, also in Italy and Germany.

You can find Suzanne on The Journey Method website here and she is represented by Liverpool Street Gallery in Sydney

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