The people I work with usually feel some discontent with their lives. They know things can be better and are curious about how best to move forward in line with their purpose; their work in the world.

Being creative might be something they dream of, but can feel it's too much to ask for, especially since they don't really believe they are a creative person. 

They might feel a sense of urgency, and at the same time are wary of striving the old way… perhaps it made them sick, and they want to make progress while caring for themselves.

They are open-minded, ready and willing to learn. Perhaps they’ve been through a lot and would not say they are courageous, but yes, they are. 

They want to feel better - calm, confident and nourished - excited to be moving in the world, vitally alive and making a difference.

Working with me can help you...

- UNWIND from mental strain and worry so you can relax and recover with greater ease

- FOSTER a supportive state of mind so you can navigate change with greater ease

- ENHANCE your calm and focus so you can make decisions more easily

- PRACTICE mindful creative methods to enhance your freedom of expression and be creative in ways that you find rewarding

- DEVELOP your creativity, which can lower your stress hormones, improve immune system function and thereby assist healing

- BUILD CONFIDENCE as you develop new skills and positive habits, and gain trust in your capabilities, enhancing possibilities for beyond recovery

- UPGRADE your creative thinking skills 

Interested in finding out more? Contact Suzanne via the contact page or call: +61 417 249175

Dr Suzanne Moss is an artist, educator and consulting coach. She has exhibited her paintings nationally, taught visual art at university (2007-14) and privately since 2012.

A former Physiotherapist and co-founder and principal of a PT private practice, she became accredited in The Journey Method of life coaching in 2010, completed Advanced and Mastery training, Enneagram Masterclasses, The Visionary Leadership Programme with Coaching certification and Australian National University Graduate Teacher Training. 

She began to develop her unique system and guided methods while undergoing treatment for a serious illness in 2011. Since then Suzanne has continued to develop and refine her work helping people upgrade their confidence, sense of purpose and effectiveness as they reconnect with their creativity and enable their creative thinking.

Suzanne runs workshops, retreats and coaching programmes. Since 2012, she has been presenting workshops and courses in Australia and since 2016, retreats in Italy and Germany.

You can find out about Suzanne's March solo exhibition here , find her on The Journey Method website here and she is represented by Liverpool Street Gallery in Sydney

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