I work with high achievers who are tired of feeling stressed, unwell and unhappy. I help them restore their calm, well-being and joy, so they can be more effective and feel fulfilled without burning out.

There are paradigm shifts to be made as you discover inroads to calm, clear, focus; reconnect with your curiosity and imagination; cultivate your seeing of better possibilities while restoring a sense of meaning ... all of which can upgrade your ability to deliver what only you can...

so you can be luminary, your way.

What qualifies me to work with you?

Inside the cover of several books I've seen "Achievement Award" with my name. Medals, certificates, awards, there was no joy associated with these prizes and yet, the desire to achieve persisted. It was, I realise, a need to feel so competent I could go beyond and do things my way, which I eventually did. Nothing wrong with that, it's how that was problematic. 

My first career was Physiotherapy. Often, I've helped people re-activate pathways​ in their brains so they could move again in bio-mechanically sound ways. Eleven years as co-principal and educator in an accredited private practice and over 60 post-graduate courses so as to be up with the latest, I was slowly burning myself out. But I didn't know that back then. Frowning and tired most of the time, feeling unwell with frequent colds & flu, I thought this was normal adult life. And... it was unhappiness that led me to art school.

Not as disparate as they first seem, perception, observation skills and lateral thinking are as vital in art as in physiotherapy. A gift from my mother - an art-meets-science book on Leonardo da Vinci's drawings of the body - had a profound impact on me as a teenager, to the point of doing dissections and making anatomical drawings during physio school.

My daughter was a shining light - and while she slept, I painted, read every book on creativity I could find and dismantled a lot of ideas that were holding me back. I had a wonderful mentor who was an artist.

I graduated with honours and a University Medal in Visual Art, and several prizes. A couple of years on, I embarked on doctoral studies on the painting of light. A wonderful opportunity, and achievement, however, at the end of that, I had severe allergies, regular migraines and a small lump that I ignored.

There was lecturing, tutoring, professional solo exhibitions, group shows, international scholarships and artists' residencies... I enjoyed them, however felt a sense of 'not there yet'...

There were a number of turning points on my way to being a coach/educator and one of them was mentoring and lecturing art students during my doctorate. I loved it! And more training had to follow of course: Graduate Teacher Training, The Journey Method (a method to help upgrade mindset), Visionary Leadership & Coaching Certification, The Enneagram,  Master classes... then I had to stop striving as dealing with a serious illness took precedence. 

The silver lining - my current work - began to unfold while undergoing treatment (2011). Simple questions led me to respond creatively in ways I had not done since I was a child and, to my surprise, calmed my anxiety completely. 

A major turning point was being asked to present at a university workshop on "Creativity in Teaching & Research" for 20 academics (2014). They responded with great enthusiasm, bless them, and I felt completely in my element. Inspired, I developed the session into my 2 day course, then more. After ten Level 1 courses, the survey results were way beyond expectations. 

What was going on? The feedback told me that the experiences I was facilitating helped people shift their ideas around what they were capable of; expanding their thinking; having epiphanies; re-igniting their creativity; feeling calm and confident, able to move forward without procrastinating. Participants emailed me with news of progress and substantial life changes. (find some on the 'course' page and 'praise' page.)

I had a consistent system in place that came out of lived experience. Underpinning all my offerings, it cultivates supportive mindset, calm, creative thinking, mindful processes that anyone can do with guidance, deliberate practice and feedback for sustainable change.

I don't know about you, but I didn't know how to 'be excellent', aside from striving even harder and making myself sick. Several times. There comes a time when you simply can't do things the old way. You can find out much faster than I did, and shine rather than burn out.

You can find out about Suzanne's March solo exhibition here , find her on The Journey Method website here and she is represented by Liverpool Street Gallery in Sydney

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