"We cannot afford to waste human gifts. We need to learn how to nurture the creative nature." 

Nancy C. Andreasen

Upcoming: "Colour like a Champion" colour calms and enriches the mind in this immersive workshop March 3

- Relax and enjoy the benefits of meditative colouring with step-by-step instruction & gentle coaching

- Experience how choosing colours can give you a stronger sense of self

- Discover your resonant colours and the how they can work together

- Upgrade your understanding of colour and how to use it so you can create special effects

- Explore ways to create luminosity

- Create a unique design that reflects and celebrates you

- Change the way you see and create, so yes you can colour like a champion!

         At M 16 Artspace, Griffith, Canberra, 9:30am - 4:30pm   

call: +61 417249175 or leave a message here  

What participants said:​

Loved the day!! Not so scared of colours anymore and actually excited to experiment more. I finally ‘get’ the colour wheel! And loved the company.


Many thanks Suzanne for the recent workshop where you worked with my 14 year old grand-daughter and inspired her to be herself and enjoy her creative abilities again. This change has been wonderful to see as over the years I had seen her creative confidence and enthusiasm diminish in an education system where she seemed continually demotivated by assessments of whether her creations were “good” or “bad” rather than just being a lovely creation. I’ve also noticed lately that she has also been using some of the lovely art techniques you taught her in the workshop. Many thanks.


Courses aim to help you...
  • Unwind from worry and quiet the mind 
  • Feel calm and grounded, able to think and choose more wisely
  • Experience the difference between stress and composure 
  • Enrich and expand your thinking
  • Be guided to experience your own version of creative flow and expression 
  • Reconnect with your buzz and joy of your child-like curiosity and imagination 

 For individuals 

   8 week & 4 month Coaching Programmes 

For small groups

Creative Think Shop: Unique Pathways to Insight & Innovation - 1 day

Colour Like a Champion 1 day workshop

Caring for the Creative Self series - 5 x 3 hour morning or evening classes

Reclaim your Creativity course/retreat 2 day intensive

Think Like a Champion in Florence, Italy - City of Creative Genius - 2 week retreat tbc

see more here

All courses are designed to impart skills and help you reconnect with and nurture your imaginative nature with devotion to yourself rather than striving, so you can stop worrying, feel nourished and able to think... differently!

Visual Art Education with Creativity Coaching

Participant response:

Your Abstraction course was a remarkable surprise and so much more than I had expected. It has completely changed my way of seeing the world around me. I have a new and exciting understanding of abstract art. It was so satisfying not only on an intellectual or creative level, which I had naturally hoped for. It was the way I was touched personally and spiritually that amazes me.

In fact, I would describe it as not so much a ‘course’ but a life changing experience. When I went into my studio at the end of the week, and looked through the collection of materials, and the varying evidences of my practice over the years I suddenly and deeply realised “ I am an artist!

I find my self filled with awe and inspiration for the magic of light, form, space and colour, expressing feelings and abstract ideas that cannot be realised in representation work. I have a new insight into my practice and feel empowered by this beautiful discovery. Here is a way of playing with the materiality of paint that I find myself connecting with on a higher level. It has been a re-valuation that has transformed my vision of myself and my place in the world. 

P. Gilmour, Artist and Art Educator​

Creative Think Shop: Pathways to Insight & Innovation

  • Experience techniques that calm, recharge and enrich your brain
  • Learn how to create ideal conditions to sustain creative thinking
  • Discover a systematic and powerful method for cultivating creative thinking
  • Build and combine easy-to-learn skills into elegant processes that sustain your creative practice

The "Reclaim your Creativity" weekend, Jugenheim, Germany, 2016

Curious as to why participants were getting the results they were reporting, from greater confidence, being inspired, less anxious, more alive and experiencing epiphanies, I ran a survey of attendees from 10 courses held between March 2015 - May 2016.

Of the half that responded, 100% found the course content relevant and worthwhile; 89% found the creative processes were calming; 94% agreed their creativity was reignited; 78% said yes to being inspired to follow a new creative pursuit and 83% agreed that yes, their beliefs about their ability to be creative changed as a result of the course. 

​What they said:

Such a great course! I think in this day and age people don't take the time to unwind or connect with their creative side. I think what makes this a great course is the fact it combines both of these.     E. Reid, Web Designer

I relaxed, had lots of fun when working on the creative part, and I had ideas about my future activity. It doesn’t even matter whether these ideas will turn into reality right away, I feel that that there will be a creative change of direction in my professional life. I also want to experiment with the creative methods with my daughters as a form of family activity. Thank you for your compassionate teaching.                                             Grazia Micchiche', Senior Lecturer

Suzanne created a peaceful and safe environment, where I felt comfortable and at ease...Suzanne is kind, generous, conscientious and genuine... I owe her so much for helping me in building confidence in myself.      J. Angus, Artist

Just let go of all your preconceived ideas and experiences of what you think being creative means. I was blown away by my own and others' unique creations after our very first experience. Suzanne’s instruction and guidance are both informative and encouraging. I highly recommend this workshop.      Maureen Flanagan, Teacher and Counsellor

Would definitely recommend the course. It was part of a constant that has been missing in my Life for quite some time...Go for it! It just might be the encouragement and stimulation you need to open or re-open some area of your true a 'Yes, I can!' It was so good to have expert instruction combining all sides of our psyche - a real integration of creative spirit performed in the company of like minds. Choosing colours is like choosing life! Thanks Suzanne.          Marilyn Powell, Masters in Archaeology student

The weekend after our course I was together with my children aged 18 and 13. I told them about you and your work and they became curious. I put flowers on the table, paper, pencils...and we created the way you showed us. The children came to quietness, and it was very interesting for me, to see this! They created beautiful drawings, they were happy and then they gave them as gifts to the grandparents! Thank you for this Suzanne!                     Dr Simone Stoehr, Mother and Oncologist, Germany

Your course helped me gain confidence in my ability to be creative again. It reminded me of the joy and peace I feel when I am immersed in creating something... Thank you for such a wonderful experience. I am very grateful for it.                        Dr Fleur Adcock

Thank you Suzanne for a wonderful workshop. I came away feeling very enriched and inspired.   S. Nugent, Teacher

Private classes

'I thoroughly recommend getting in touch with your artistic side...'  James in Tuscany, Italy

 Trip Adviser  

Co-creating in my private class at Il Borgo Santo Pietro, Tuscany

"I have learnt so much, on so many different levels, about myself, my abilities, my passions, and how to tap into that effortlessly."                           Susie Christiansen, NZ, at the "Love your Creativity" Retreat in Florence, Italy, 2016

Caring for the Creative Self - series of 5 weekly morning or evening classes

​Small group 3 hour morning or evening personalised classes in the studio for people who wish to explore and express ideas with freedom and confidence. 

I always looked forward to each class. It was like a tonic to my creative self and well-being. Suzanne, your teaching and guidance was gentle and subtle and greatly caring - a listening and focused salve in an impersonal world. The intimacy of a small class is a treat...The activities seem so simple, yet have such everlasting depth. I wonder what insight and experience will follow from each class - a new way to embrace the world (I even looked fondly on the neighbour's cat!) and with calmness, contentedness and knowing that this is as it is meant to be.         Anne Phillips

Suzanne...It has been a delight attending your classes, workshops and retreats - lovely experiences and lovely people. Both the content and the teacher are an inspiration - so keep on keeping on to delight and inspire others fortunate enough to be under your guidance.       Joan Palmer