Founding philosophies

1. Everyone is creative in their own way and their creative expression can contribute greatly to their well-being

2. No one form of being creative is better than any other​... and the process is far more important than the outcome

3. Creativity can be fostered with optimal conditions facilitated by coaching, skill-building and dedicated practice

4. Being creative using mindful visual art methods provides ways for enriching the brain with exciting new and varied input, enhancing creative thinking

5. Creativity is not helped by striving - the harder you try the more elusive creative flow can become

6. Almost anyone is able to do and get rewarding benefits from easy mindful art methods 

7. It is not possible to be worried at the same time as being truly immersed in creative processes

8. Almost everyone is capable of having some kind of flow experience

9. A creative practice helps you learn to see, upgrading observation skills, safety, awareness and visionary capability

10. Being immersed in the calm, grounded flow of creativity can help with navigating change, long-term difficulty or crises

 Wendell Berry, renowned American poet and essayist, has been a great inspiration for my work. He addresses the assumption, held by many, that science will provide solutions to all the world's problems and mysteries. Realising the considerable value of the arts, he writes:

"To deal with the problems, which after all are inescapable, of living with limited intelligence in a limited world, I suggest that we may have to remove some of the emphasis we have lately placed on science and technology and have a new look at the arts; artists achieve elaborations of pattern, of sustaining relationships of parts with one another and with the whole, that may be astonishingly complex."

©Suzanne Moss PhD, edited 2017