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For Art & Soulful Living

“…Suzanne Moss moves the dial to the intimate, the scaled down, the understated. Her “environments,” like tableaux, call for closely considered viewing and a mindset that is slowed down and more receptive… Once you step into one of these carefully considered settings, the calm and serenity materialize around you like a fragrant, ambient ether.”

Deborah Barlow, artist, curator and author of Slow Muse, Boston

ART can provide a sense of sanctuary; a welcoming place to stop and realise – I’m home.

And in that altered space which seems to slow time, it’s far easier to ‘gather your thoughts’ and even hear the wisdom of ‘the small still voice.’

One short pause can change how your brain is working, enough time for a new thought – a great idea. One that makes you feel better. That’s how my installations of paintings and ceramics came to be. I simply wanted to feel better. And I did.

Perhaps tragedy and/or illness has waylaid your plans. Maybe you had to stop the busyness, because there was no choice.

As hard as it can be sometimes, there’s an invitation to consider what really matters in your precious Life and make new choices. Ones that help you love you. Ones that help prepare you for the next chapter.

For me, that’s making my paintings, ceramics and composing them to create contemplative spaces. And I love to share the wisdom gained through my private  art+coaching programs.

For three decades I’ve been learning on my painting path. I began teaching at The Australian National University School of Art & Design in 2006 and really wanted to help my anxious students. The following year I began training in coaching modalities and have since helped many people develop the skills and calm confidence so they can be creatively true, connect with and develop their unique  ‘style’ and make paintings they love… (This feedback is from one of my students)

I’m Dr Suzanne Moss, artist-maker, painting teacher, creativity coach and artists’ mentor. Whether it’s the feeling of calm confidence, coming home to your artful sanctuary and being able to think your own thoughts, or making your own paintings you love … I can help.

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