suzanne moss PHD

soul-soothing art & COACHING 

Shift from over-thinking to wholeheartedness, overwhelm to imagination and mental exhaustion to creative replenishment… 

Art & Coaching Programs can help –

– Soothe your soul as you reconnect with your Self

– Calm the busy mind as you stretch & nourish your imagination instead

– Explore and experience the fulfilment of your unique creative expression

– Restore a sense of purpose as you realign with what really matters to you

– Boost motivation & confidence as you feel the goodness of living into more of your potential

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      “Art is what we do when we’re truly alive. If you’ve already decided that you’re not an artist, it’s worth considering why you made that decision and what it might take to unmake it… art is who we are and what we do and what we need.”   SETH GODIN

It’s fun to teach creative people. They’ll take and run with a suggestion, a reference or an image, and it’s great to witness. But for this to happen for someone who thinks they’re not artistic or creative, well…that really touches my heart.

Since I began mentoring and teaching art students in 2006, I’ve been working with people from all walks of life; people who want to explore their creativity and live well.

Over several years, I developed and refined a Nurturing Creativity Method, a coaching system and programs, drawing on decades of experience as an artist, certified teacher, coach, former university lecturer and health professional. 

Intrigued by the creative process, I’ve been exploring neuro-scientific, philosophical, psychological and spiritual perspectives of creativity for over 20 years.

This is transformational work for the willing, as one of my participants exclaimed:

“Amazing! Changed my life!” 

“Why not dedicate yourself to something that will completely transform you through doing it?”



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