‘Art from the Heart’ Meditative Art Workshop in Batlow, Valentine’s Day 2021


As part of my upcoming Open Studio/exhibition ‘Breathing Room’ at b: Atelier, I’m offering free Art Peace mini-workshops each of the days at 2pm. Up to an hour or less (it’s up to you), it’s an introduction to a contemplative art practice of composition; arranging paintings, ceramics and flowers.

On the 18th, there’ll also be a brief opening talk, tea and biscuits.

Several years ago, I discovered composing art objects to be a profoundly effective way to ease worrying. Worrying is repetitive, anxiety-provoking and gives only the illusion of doing something useful. And like changing channel, you can switch to peaceful, creative mind in minutes. I’ll gently guide willing visitors through composing contemplative spaces with six different kinds of compositions, so they can intentionally, mindfully experience the calming effect of gently composing art objects.

Since 2012, I’ve presented numerous workshops, retreats in Australia, Italy and Germany, for academics, executives and people from all walks of life. Some of you might even have been at the best attended workshop I gave in Batlow after the fires as part of the RegenerART Program (photo above of smiling participants and their beautiful mandalas).

Creating contemplative spaces has been part of my art practice for some years, and was affirmed and strengthened during spiritual care training at Royal Melbourne Hospital (2018). I began sharing my methods last December during my ‘Art & Peace: Meditative Art Workshop’ in Canberra.

The intention is to notice and enjoy the colours, lines, textures, shapes and how they can interplay in a designated space to create a vibe that is soothing, uplifting or inspiring, as examples. The focus is inward, so while there’s not much talking, it is fun!

There will be a beautiful cheat-sheet to take away so you can have a reminder of the different compositions you might like to try at home.

Ten different contemplative art sets will be available for purchase from the studio-gallery during the weekend. Each set includes a small, original abstract painting, linens to set the stage and a range of ceramics.

Please bring:

A cushion (some of the stations will be on low plinths)

A cardigan (it can get cold quite suddenly in the mountains)

Below are some examples of workshop participants and Open Studio visitors creating their special contemplative space.

I’m looking forward to sharing this calming, creative experience with you!