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Can you imagine how amazing it might be to feel creatively free and confident just being yourself?!

When I was a university art teacher, I studied life coaching to help my students stop second-guessing themselves, be who they are and know that’s more than ok. Many more trainings, including spiritual care, helped me find my way to nurturing calm confidence and creativity even more… 

You have a unique style; a way that beautifully, creatively expresses who you are. With skill development aligned with your strengths and gifts, calm confidence builds as you see what you can do!

Like your finger print, your ‘style’ has been with you all along. You will have known it as a child, without question or criticism. There’s a Zen saying – How you do anything is how you do everything! And there are reasons why we lose access to our ‘inner blueprint’, which I won’t go into right now.

The guided inner work, creative exploration and expression that happens in my programs will help you welcome and experience the joy and fulfilment of your creative true Self in any endeavour!

  • Paint from your Heart is a 6 or 12 month private/one-to-one program
  • IMAGINE! Calm Confidence & Creative Thinking 8-week Professional Development Program
  • A Meditative Art Program: Guided art projects to Soothe the Soul
  • Masterclass Program Monthly customised sessions to fast-track your artistic development
  • Mentoring Program one-to-one support sessions to deepen skills and confidence.

Do you feel like something important is missing?

It’s not too late to restore your true creative nature. Find out more with a complimentary no-obligation session with me so you can:

Take stock of where you’re at right now

Be curious about what you would really love for your life

Discover how Suzanne might be able to help you on your way!


“The most regretful people on earth are those who felt the call to creative work, who felt their own creative power restive and uprising, and gave to it neither power nor time.”

Mary Oliver


10-week Professional Development Program  

Restore your calm confidence & creative freedom!

Restore calm confidence as you expand your imagination, reconnect with your dreams and sense of purpose so you can stop striving and experience the ease, joy and fulfilment being a creative thinker instead!

  “I have always been quite an intentional and purposeful person, with a strong sense of responsibility and a duty to make sure others’ needs are met before I take care of myself.  I’ve also long been a workaholic, having been raised in a culture that celebrates accomplishments and productivity over personal creativity and delight.

Suzanne has helped me to see and embrace the playful side of myself, the side that is liberated by simply being curious, experimental, and suspending judgment about the outcome.  Through some of our guided meditation experiences, I was able to “heal” some childhood memories that subconsciously kept me “stuck” in thought patterns that diminished the life-giving value of play and the lavishness of creativity.  I’ve discovered the ways that incorporating more experiences of play and creativity into my daily routine actually (surprise!!) helps me to be more at ease, more sure about what it is I’m after—my purpose and aims—and more confident in my abilities, and more firmly secure in my unconditional belovedness.” 

                                                          Rev. Tanya Stormo-Rasmussen, Hollis MA


“I started to work with Suzanne in order to work on my self-belief and confidence. Suzanne understood a lot of how I was feeling—that I was in my head a lot, that I had so much doubt, that I was feeling crippled by worry. The Journey Work, exercises, and tools that arose from our sessions have been amazing. Some sessions were hard, but once I surrendered, I gained so much from them. I now have a full tool kit to better know myself and to allow for myself to take my place in the world and go after what I want. I also have better strategies in place to cope with worry and doubt, which is an amazingly powerful feeling. Working with Suzanne has left me feeling lighter, happier and proud of who I am. I recommend investing in yourself …. you won’t regret it.” 

Christie Flora, Time Trainer & Goal Strategist



4-Day Solo Retreat-Course


Online or in person, experience the calm confidence that comes with finding your unique visual language (style) and see – YES! You really can paint!

I find my self filled with awe and inspiration for the magic of light, form, space and colour…

“… I would describe it as not so much a ‘course’ but a life changing experience. When I went into my studio at the end of the week, and looked through the collection of materials, and the varying evidences of my practice over the years I suddenly and deeply realised “ I am an artist! I find my self filled with awe and inspiration for the magic of light, form, space and colour, expressing feelings and abstract ideas that cannot be realised in representational work. I have new insight into my practice and feel empowered by this beautiful discovery… It has been a re-valuation that has transformed my vision of myself and my place in the world. I am not sure words really express the magic I have discovered. Anyway, it happened at exactly the right time. How wonderful. I am so grateful…”

Pari Gilmour, Secondary School Art Educator

PAINT From Your Heart

6-month Solo VIP Program

Establish and deepen your skills as you’re guided to experience your natural way with drawing and painting. Immersive trainings, transformational coaching sessions and mentoring will build your confidence and open your heart and mind so you can paint from your heart.

Be guided to discover your visual language – your style – with ease AND build a creative mindset so you can make paintings you love! 

If I’d kept going the way I was, I would’ve kept thinking ‘I’m no good at it.’

…There’s teachings and research, but I don’t think painting from the heart can truly happen without peace; the peace that comes from knowing in my bones I’m ok. I’m sure of myself now.

I like myself more… you helped me strengthen my strengths. I didn’t know what my strengths even were. We don’t need to change ourselves – what we bring to the table are good things. My particular ways I thought of as bad. I saw them as faults – you’re too tidy; you’re too this or that! I realise it’s good and coming through as my own unique style. I would never have discovered that on my own. I am who I am and it’s reflected in my paintings that I love!

I’ve been searching for a long time and feel really peaceful and joyful now. I’m giving to me – they (my paintings) make me feel good – that’s what painting from the heart is hey! Colour is such a joyful thing – I adore it!

Donna, Artist




Experience soul-soothing replenishment with gentle meditative art as a personal retreat – in person or online – and build skills that will serve you for years to come.

Establish and grow your own contemplative art practice with step-by-step instruction through gentle, customised projects that settle your mind and soothe the soul. 

“I received more than I could have imagined from this course. I found Suzanne to be a wise and generous teacher, as well as an accomplished artist, giving us practical insights and inspiring examples of other artists’ works, both ancient and modern; pointing out and enlightening us with spiritual aspects, calming and focusing guided meditations enhanced with many group discussions. After completing many paintings and drawings, we left with a solid grounding of how to approach our work in the future with insight and confidence. Thank you Suzanne.”

Liz Martyn


“Well, it slowly creeps up on you without you knowing it, and there you are creating the most amazing things you would never have imagined you were capable of doing. I couldn’t believe what I drew. I never knew I could make something that beautiful. I got closer to who I am and I feel better about myself. You really have something special here Suzanne.”

Steenus von Steenson




We take time to explore and address your concerns with mindful art instruction and transformational inner work.

 Years ago, I wanted a program that would help me feel un-lost! This is it.

I draw on the three most integrative methods that helped me during back-to-back serious illness and tragedy so you too can restore calm, confidence, ‘come home’ to yourself and experience the joy of your true creative Self!


“I decided this year that I wanted to bring my art practice back into my life, professionally. For the past ten years, it has been a hobby, something that I do on occasion when I have time and feel like it. A nagging feeling had increasingly let me know that this needed to change. I realised that if I was serious about taking this step, that I would need some support. Suzanne instantly came to mind. She was a previous mentor of mine back in my art school days. I remembered how Suzanne works with the whole person, not just the artist, and I knew that the support I was seeking was beyond ‘studio talk’. I was going through a big life change.

I was (and still am) blown away by the potency of the work Suzanne and I did in my sessions. Going to incredibly deep places, from where deep realisations came to the surface. She helped me feel into and embody my truths, and to heal parts within me that have been limiting my potential. This was BIG work, but something I was very ready for, as I needed this change in my life.

Suzanne designed a program for my particular needs – starting with some deep coaching work, and leading into support specifically with my art practice. However Suzanne was amazing at recognising what work needed to be done each session – if I needed coaching, we’d do coaching, if I was going well we’d spend the session talking art instead. I really appreciated this flexible approach, as it gave me the support that I needed.

From our sessions, I am developing a clearer understanding of my art practice. What it is that I am doing, what it is that I am interested in. How to talk about my work. Ideas about what I could explore further. Recommendations of books, articles, artists, and other resources to explore. Looking at the works that I am making, I can see a big change since having started working with Suzanne. I have started painting in a way I hadn’t felt brave enough to do previously. I am less concerned with the result, and using this time to develop and learn. The wonderful thing is I that I can see some exciting things coming out in my works. I haven’t been this dedicated to my art practice since I was in uni. I haven’t felt the possibility of being a professional artist as I do now, since I was a teenager.

I am so grateful for Suzanne’s support. She is an intuitive, heart centred, incredibly knowledgeable and talented woman.

I continue to work with Suzanne, and I recommend her without hesitation.”


Tabitha Hocking, BVA (Painting) Artist  (in photo taken by Suzanne)