Private Retreat-Course in-person and Online 

Discover the gentle joy of making your art a luminous meditation in your life.

With no prior experience, you can feel the enriching comfort available through colour-rich, replenishing creative projects.

OR having completed Paint from your Heart, develop your skills and confidence further with guided practice and creative play!


Whether you’ve been through major change, are drawn to express your Self or want to know the calm and joy of a mindfulness art practice, this course will give you tried and tested visual art methods that anyone can do so you can experience the solace, wonder & joy of your true creative nature.

Feel your mood lighten knowing you’ve chosen this unique retreat for a much-wanted replenishing creative time, devoted to your Self.

Worries seem to dissolve the more you become immersed in the surprising joy of colour. As mind settles, clarity is restored and confidence too as you see your very own creative projects unfold with ease and grace.

Intrigued, your imaginations sparks as you’re guided into the gentle world of colours, light, shapes and line, bringing practical skills to empower your art-making with mindfulness.

Imagine not comparing your dear self to anyone else for a change, rather, feeling creatively free supported by deep listening, understanding, guidance and the structure of Suzanne’s Creativity-nurturing Coaching framework. Surrounded by all you need, feel the sense of coming home as you make your kind of  meditative art.

Inspired by the art & teachings from the world’s great wisdom traditions, each themed session is designed to settle your nervous system and soothe your soul.

Visions of colours & light fill each day, along with guided meditations, healthy gourmet food, gentle walks and easy companionship.

Feel the ease of being completely yourself, realising your natural curiosity and having your questions answered as they arise. Guided to access your own wisdom, you’ll  learn as much from yourself as from Dr Suzanne.

Express yourself more easily as you discover easy & surprisingly effective meditative art methods. As your confidence builds session by session, your art making can become a grounding and supportive mindfulness practice and bring your inner beauty to outer expression. 

Every participant so far has been delighted by their creations!

Notice joy bubble up as creative blocks fall away…And feel your heart fill with gratitude as you behold your unique pieces of meditative art knowing how each one has helped you come to know and express more of you. Plus, you’ll have developed life-long skills for ongoing creative fulfilment.

 Does it seem impossible to feel any relief from the heaviness and/or frustration of grief, loss or change?

You really can have respite. These projects came out of Dr Suzanne’s recovery from two major traumatic events within a 7 month period. She intends for your heart to be lightened and you experience the joy of colours, shapes, line and textures. Plus, you’ll gain skills that make soothing creative self-expression an effective way to feel good in a matter of minutes.

Do you intuitively know that being more creative feels good and right, but how to find the time to do more?

Well, you’re in the right place! During each session there is the opportunity to clear creative blocks to your creative expression so doubt and embarrassment are replaced by a sense of ‘Yes, I can do this!’ And then when you see that you really can ‘do it’, your confidence grows, procrastination loses its’ hold and your list of priorities shifts, so you realise you really do have time!

Have you found it difficult to completely unwind and feel replenished?

Immersed in making, many of my students have said they forgot to worry! By the end of each session, you’ll have been soothed and enriched by thoughtfully designed meditative art experiences.

What if you could think more clearly?

Thinking clearly depends on a calm body and mind, the opposite to stress. During each of our sessions together, you might notice how your body relaxes and mind slows down. Meditative art offers opportunities for the same kind of deeply calming benefits of meditation and engaging with the imagination, colour and creativity, so you can restore clarity and make better quality choices. 

What if you could easily experience the joy of creativity?!

During each of your sessions, you’ll be gently guided step-by-step through easy art methods creating unique pieces of meditative art. Each project draws on different wisdom and methods like walking through a doorway with a different vista of what might be possible for your creative expression now and into the future.

Even the thought of a group retreat is too much?
Your private retreat is sacrosanct! You’ll have my attention, expertise and care all to yourself, learning in peace and quiet dedicated to you, at your own pace over 2-4 days.

Does life seems ‘beige,’ grey or lack-lustre? Taking time out for colourful self-expression and ‘smelling the roses’ is restorative as one of my students exclaimed with delight: “Choosing colours is like choosing life!”

What if you could discover your creative Self is way beyond ‘good enough’ – regardless of what you’ve thought in the past?
By the end of our work together, you’ll be living into your gifts more fully, knowing in your bones you’re completely enough just being you!

Worried you can’t paint or draw?
Dr Suzanne will guide you in effective, easy ways to draw and paint so you’ll quickly gain confidence, surprised by what you can do.

Don’t know what to do?  Talk to Dr Suzanne. Enjoy a complimentary session so you can gain clarity about where you are now and where you’d like to be.

If you can relate to any of this, now might be the time to allow yourself this extraordinary private solo retreat Solace, Colour & Light. All you need to do is relax knowing you’re beside a caring expert who understands, listens and loves to set the stage for you to experience true creativity!

Whether you choose this retreat as an in-person experience or online, by the end of our shared time, you’ll have come to know the comfort and support of your true, luminous creative nature – a beautiful, lifelong gift!

On your personal VIP Retreat with Dr Suzanne, you’ll have gentle classes & coaching at your own pace, so you can finally unwind and reconnect with the surprising comfort of your creative Self. 

By the end of your MAKE YOUR SACRED ART Program you’ll have …

  • ease anxiety, spark your imagination and feel self-expressed
  • learn easy visual art techniques with pencil, collage and water-colour paints
  • explore how to create beautiful effects with colours, shapes and marks
  • discover how to express your light
  • change what you think you can do through creating your kind of beauty
  • practice mindfulness while creating your unique pieces of contemplative art
  • feel soul-soothed as you experience the peace and joy of creativity!
  • Develop your own way with practice, feedback and support so you can continue to enjoy making contemplative art for years to come!

And like training wheels on your meditative art bicycle, Dr Suzanne will be there for you after your solo retreat with a complimentary “Illuminate Mentoring” session!



  1. You’ll discover how nurturing your creativity gives not only comfort, but brilliance, while easing anxiety!
  2. You’ll receive Suzanne’s priceless & unique Creativity-nurturing Method crafted from ancient wisdom and state of the art coaching with ‘The Journey,’ plus hands on practice each day
  3. You’ll experience creative expression through making meditative art and how it can ease your mind & soothe your soul.  
  4. Your customised sessions are structured to make the best use of your precious time, and guide you to make something you never thought you could!
  5. Being the only student, you’ll learn more quickly and enjoy your progress with deliberate guided practice and feedback exactly when needed
  6. A Journey Accredited Life Coach trained in teaching and spiritual care, Suzanne has the expertise to not only teach you, but also guide you to access your own wisdom and care for your creative soul
  7. You’ll discover how you can express your kind of beauty
  8. “Choosing colours is like choosing life!” exclaimed Marilyn, one of my students. You get to choose you every day!
  9. You’ll have time and space dedicated to gentle reflection positively impacting the rest of your life.

 The course helped me connect to my deeper expression, and go with the flow. I gained skills to paint and draw – different techniques I haven’t tried before. It helped me be more open. I now look at my work with different eyes and mindset. What helped the most were the meditations and ‘the process’ you took us through…. it opens different parts of yourself and your mind; expands your skills and the way you perceive. It’s a beautiful process to take yourself through as it is gentle and inspirational. Loved it!

Alana Lyons


From our first meeting right through to our final session, thoughtful preparation goes into making your retreat a gentle and extraordinary experience for you.

2-3 appointments beforehand help us plan and comprehensively customise and ensure your in-person retreat goes smoothly.

Your exact itinerary depends on whether we’re working in-person or online. For the full intensive retreat-course, there are 8 guided meditative art project sessions over 4 days. Or you may prefer 2 weekends or  weekly session over 8 weeks. 

The current Online course sessions are monthly and guided during a Zoom session for a small group. Private sessions are available. (Commencing July 16, 2022)

A Journey coaching session precedes your private course, so be ready to let go of ‘old stuff’ that might be holding you back so you can feel the joy and freedom of expressing your Self. 

Quality materials, wisdom teachings, meditations, demonstrations, methods and templates support the processes so your unique creations can unfold with greater ease. Plus, Dr Suzanne intends for you to have all the guidance & assistance you might need so you can experience creating your kind of beauty AND know how to confidently continue with your meditative art practice for years to come.


Day 1 Light & Life

Through all our sessions you’ll learn & practice steps to invite creativity and develop a mindfulness art practice, so you can restore creative innocence, express your Self and grow in confidence as you see you really can do it! The themes:

  1. You are made of light
  2. The Tree of Life
Day 2: Sacred Colour

Learn to mix the colours you want with ease, and explore ways to create luminosity with colour combinations in these soul-soothing projects:

  • Rumi and the Jewel
  • Sacred Icon, Sacred Colour
Day 3: Diagrams for gentleness

Experience the gentleness of mindfulness as you make your marks with colours that feel good and shapes that resonate with you. The themes:

  • Inner Listening
  • Measures of Gentleness
Day 4: Luminous Horizon

These projects will help you remember your Self and where you’re going. Complete the course with strong foundations for a meditative art practice that will add meaning to your life for years to come. Our themes:

  • Painting light
  • A new horizon

Should I book?

The answer is yes if you want to…

– learn how to express your self with colour even though you might think you’re not creative

– finally get your ‘inner critic’ on your team so you can move forward into your creative life! 

– reconnect with, and delight in your creative imagination

– feel the replenishment of devoting nurturing quiet, creative time to yourself

– follow your heart and put yourself first for the retreat sessions

– create your kind of unique beauty!

– learn art as a meditative practice so you can care for your heart, settle your mind and instead listen for the still small voice

The answer is no if you…

– are wanting to paint landscapes, animals or people.
– are unwilling to slow down and be guided to do the inner work
– do not like abstract art
– want to copy someone else’s art

– want to drink alcohol and paint

– insist on being late, missing sessions or using your phone during sessions
– are experiencing psychiatric, mental health issues or distracting addictions

A brilliant course we have all been waiting for to make the sacred in ourselves and in our art both honoured and natural. Research and meditations in exquisite balance; a sacred ‘space’ within created with ease and delight, with conversations wonderful, supportive and mind-expanding.

Dr Micky Allen

Former Painting Lecturer at ANU & VCA

I'd love to do this or something like it, just for me!




What’s Included

– 2-3 prior meetings by phone or Zoom with regard to travel and accommodation
– Comprehensive customisation of your course 
– Notes and templates
– Your Art Kit (when in-person) or list of materials when working online
– 8 x 2hour private guided meditative art projects for the full program over 4 days

– Coffee/tea & lunches when in-person

– This program can be presented for small groups. Discuss your needs with Suzanne and receive a quote


DATES: Please have 3 possible dates in mind to discuss with Suzanne

BONUS#1: For solo applicants, a Creative Freedom Coaching session (2 hours) online beforehand to help clear creative blocks so you can get the most from your retreat-course

BONUS #2: Also for solo applicants, a 1-hour mentoring session during the first month after your retreat to help you sustain your new practice


What’s Not Included

  • Your travel expenses
  • Meals & accommodation should you decide to do your retreat/course away from home
  • Your internet data
  • All travel and activities during your free time
  • Shopping, phone calls, taxis, laundry, Spa services during your retreat time
  • Personal, medical or travel insurance
  • Service bills
  • Cost & freight of your art and art materials

Meet your Retreat Leader Dr. Suzanne Moss 

Artist, Painting Teacher, Journey Accredited Life Coach & Artists’ Mentor

Hi! I’m Suzanne and perhaps like you, I’d kept putting my creative Self ‘on hold’ until I just couldn’t do that any more.

Over ten years ago, I realised my vision to bring the powerful methods of The Journey to teaching art, especially for people who do not consider themselves to be artists so they too could experience the amazing joy of expressing their true creative Self. From 2006-14, I taught at a university Art School and saw many students lacking confidence, and trained in coaching so I could better help them. 

A professional artist, I teach abstract painting and meditative art – using my coaching framework  designed to build foundational art skills and restore confident creative expression.

I love painting and teaching, and caring for people is also a big part of my life. While a Physiotherapist, I had private art teachers and even went to an intensive drawing course in Florence, Italy. When two of my patients died from malignant tumours, following my dream to go to Art School was not such a big deal!

I was in my element at Art School, and on completing Honours saw many remarkable works of art while on a travelling Scholarship to Spain. I painted full time for a couple of years before my Doctorate on the painting of light and returned to Florence, London and New York to study luminosity in paintings. Lecturing, supervising senior students and teacher training kept me busy until things came to a standstill.

Having developed a serious illness, I was very anxious until the epiphany, when I began to draw and paint in meditative ways.


However, it took extra time to realise the value of my new meditative art practices due to a shocking tragedy.

I found respite in painting and research into creativity, and a couple of years later presented my first creativity workshop for 20 academics at university. Completely surprised by the positive feedback, and decided to develop a 2 day course from the very intensive workshop.

Inspired, 2015 & 2016 were exciting years for presenting ‘Reclaim your Creativity’ meditative art courses in Australia and overseas.

I wrote a small book “Painting Light, Touching Space”; presented meditative art classes with guests at a 5-star resort in Italy; presented my 2-week “Love your Creativity Retreat” in Florence, Italy, and a weekend course for a Franciscan community in Germany (2016).

The year after, I experienced a new level of mindful calm studying with Zen Brush Master Kaz Tanahashi in California and assisted him presenting a workshop at San Francisco Zen Centre. Followed by a visit to Boston, the MFA’s exhibition Seeking Stillness was one of those life-changing experiences. I knew in my bones – this is my territory too! I felt an uncommon exhilaration, like I was in love!

 A constant source of fulfilment, my painting practice is foundational to my work as a teacher and mentor. My paintings have been shown in several solo shows, and part of many curated exhibitions in Sydney, Canberra, Hobart, Perth and Melbourne, where I was delighted to be part of the Women’s Abstract Biennial twice.

I began making ceramics in 2019, to compose with my paintings. Making spaces with art where one can wind down, hear oneself think and feel soothed – that is my passion and purpose! 

 Well, it slowly creeps up on you without you knowing it, and there you are creating the most amazing things you would never have imagined you were capable of doing… I couldn’t believe what I drew! I never knew I could make something that beautiful. I got closer to who I am and I feel better about myself.

Steenus von Steenson


How much is it?

Each retreat is unique and so costs vary from $6-7000 without accommodation. Let’s talk so we can both get clarity about your needs and the right time and place for you. Properly informed, I can send through a custom quote for your unique experience into art.

Can you accommodate dietary restrictions?

I am pleased to arrange suitable lunches, however, am unable to guarantee complete absence of allergens for people at risk of anaphylactic reactions. If you’ve experienced anaphylaxis or even moderate allergic reactions, I recommend participating in this course via Zoom.

What travel documents do I need?
New Zealanders require a passport but do not require a Visa. Visitors from Europe, UK and the USA will require a valid passport and Visa.
What’s the weather like?

Autumn (March, April, May) and Spring (September, October, November) in the foothills of the Snowy Mountains and Daylesford are similar with crisp mornings and sunny days, up to 25 degrees. Winter can be cold and wet, and Summer very hot, so I recommend Autumn or Spring if you’d like to visit Australia

What do I bring?
While clothing will also depend on location and time of year, be sure to bring comfortable walking shoes, a sunhat for spring/summer and beanie for cooler months, an apron to protect your clothes, smart casual attire for dinner, a warm jacket, bathers, and your journal
Where do you go on solo retreat?

I’ve presented retreat/courses in several people’s homes and studios, in the foothills of the Snowy Mountains where we work in my studio, Australia; studios in Daylesford, Victoria, Australia, and Florence, Italy. If you’d like to meet somewhere else, we can discuss what might be possible!

What is the best way to get to your venues?

As examples, Daylesford – a gorgeous town with mineral springs and health spas – is an 80 minute drive north-west from Melbourne. For international travellers fly into Tullamarine Airport, Melbourne, and hire a car from the airport OR there are public transport options. 

For my studio, fly into Canberra and drive the 2 hours from there, or I can pick you up from the airport. 

Are there medical facilities nearby?

Yes, and we’d need to consider where you’d like to safely go given any pre-existing medical conditions. We can discuss this on your complimentary call.

Other questions?

Write them down now!  When you click on the link below it will take you to my scheduler where you can book a time for us to have a chat via Zoom. I look forward to our conversation!


I received more than I could have imagined… I found Suzanne to be a wise and generous teacher, as well as an accomplished artist, giving us practical insights and inspiring examples of other artists’ works, both ancient and modern; pointing out and enlightening us with spiritual aspects, calming and focusing guided meditations… After completing many paintings and drawings, I left with a solid grounding of how to approach my work in the future with insight and confidence. Thank you Suzanne.  

Liz Martyn

Artist and Art Teacher

I have learnt so much, on so many different levels, about myself, my abilities, my passions, and how to tap into that effortlessly. Suzanne’s guided mediations are so inspirational – she effortlessly opens the channels to allow the creativity to flow. It was so much fun seeing what appeared on the paper and exploring where that led me. I really loved “playing” in this way and the results were surprisingly amazing – full of joyful expression. The whole experience was so full of joy-filled moments – I feel totally enlivened. Connecting with my inner joy allows my “little girl” to come out and play with the colours and shapes.

Susie Christiansen, participant in 'Love your Creativity Retreat' Florence, Italy 2016

Senior Journey Practitioner

Meditative art helps me relax and forget my worries. Trying out the different projects taught me all creations are positive. What helped most was the wide range of knowledge presented and the soft, positive, encouraging approach… a cure for stress with an empathetic teacher, and will expand your view of art and creativity beyond your imagining.

Ted Edwards


Copyright © 2022 Dr. Suzanne Moss

All photographs used on this site (aside from the portrait of Dr Suzanne) are the Intellectual Property of Dr Suzanne Moss, taken of her students dating from her private meditative art retreats from 2015 to 2019, at venues Il Borgo Santo Pietro, Tuscany; Florence, Italy; Daylesford & Glen Lyon, Victoria, Australia and Belconnen, Canberra. The portrait photograph was taken in studio by Donna Longobardi, with thanks.