Dr Suzanne Moss


For Art & Soulful Living

“…Suzanne Moss moves the dial to the intimate, the scaled down, the understated. Her “environments,” like tableaux, call for closely considered viewing and a mindset that is slowed down and more receptive… Once you step into one of these carefully considered settings, the calm and serenity materialize around you like a fragrant, ambient ether.”

Deborah Barlow, artist, curator and author of Slow Muse, Boston


~ Creating soothing spaces with paintings & ceramics

~ Solo Painting Programs

~ Artist’s mentoring

~ Art & Soulful Living Retreats


ART can provide a sense of sanctuary; a welcoming place to stop and settle.

And in that altered space and easier state of being, you can ‘hear yourself think’ again! 

One short pause can give rise to an insightful thought. One that makes you feel better. That’s how my installations of paintings and ceramics came to be. I simply wanted to feel better. The effect was like changing the channel in my mind.

Perhaps tragedy or serious illness has waylaid your plans. Maybe you had to stop the busyness, because there was no choice.

Sometimes it’s time to make different choices. Ones that help you love you. 


I’m Dr Suzanne Moss, artist-maker, painting teacher, creativity coach and artists’ mentor. Whether it’s about restoring your calm confidence, coming home to your artful sanctuary and thinking your own thoughts, or the delight and fulfilment of making your own paintings … I can help.

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