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About a grand survey on creativity, and a small one, by me

The essence of this article is concern about the way language is used to minimise creativity. Throughout the article I ask questions which actually inspired me to run a small competition to gather information for my book (anonymously). Read the article, write your answers and send to me so you can go in the draw for a prize!

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On Artists’ Disruptive Influence… positively speaking

Artists as Innovators in Business Posted on October 4, 2017 by Dr Suzanne Moss ©Suzanne Moss PhD This article was first published on LinkedIn  August 8, 2017 Isaac Kaplan captured my attention last week with his article “Upstart Co-Lab Wants Businesses to Hire More Artists” where he reports on the work of Laura Callanan, founding partner of the non-profit Upstart Co-Lab. Callanan argues […]

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Better than Brainstorming

Better than Brainstorming Posted on October 4, 2017 by Dr Suzanne Moss An Alternative to Brainstorming may also help prevent Burnout by Dr Suzanne Moss I’ve recently edited this article. It was first published on LinkedIn 12th April, 2017   Just to put you in the picture, “Better than Brainstorming” was the working title for a 1.5 hour segment presenting for the […]

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New Mexico was beautiful!

Dear Friends, I hope you’ve been able to enjoy our few classic Autumn days… It’s certainly getting chilly in the studio at this time when the air con is off and the heaters not on yet. Much has happened. I had a trip to San Francisco for a conference/retreat for a few days in February […]

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On creative thinking

Hello, and I hope you’re going well… Here’s something different for you above – a photo from the farm where I grew up in south-western New South Wales. Taken from the front of the house-yard, I was there just before Christmas. The skies seem so big compared to how one sees them in the city… […]

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it’s about time…

To be honest, I feel like walking over to the shops and buying some chocolate! Hang on just a minute…ok, I’m back, and with a nice cup of chai. Now, this post is long overdue… A few things are happening. I’ve been doing some research interviewing people about the challenges of creative professionals and I’ve […]

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Big events, and coming home

This last month, the world has seemingly shifted by more degrees than usual. Sometimes there are big shifts – a bomb lands, or the earth is fracked – the same thing really except with one we see the devastation and repercussions, and the other we don’t. At least not immediately…These things are frightening and tend […]

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News about the Florence Retreat

Welcome to my newsletter! It has been such a pleasure to connect with you, either through my courses, your courses, groups, via email or website – thank you for your interest and much more than that…most of you have been so supportive and kind. I often feel held, supported in this work which is taking on […]

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