hELLO! I’m suzanne




I believe …

I believe that learning to paint can be a way of discovering you’re far more than you realise. I believe it’s possible to experience your true creative nature no matter what your age given mind is willing and heart is open. Like Zen and the art of painting, what happens is not only learning to paint, or make meditative art; it’s a way to to inner peace, insights, gentleness, resilience, joy, effectiveness, kindness, wise choices and true confidence. In short, it’s a way to know your Self better and love your life.

 … you can be free of creative blocks with The Journey Method of coaching, harnessing imagination, mindfulness and self-enquiry.

… like your signature, you have your own unique way of expressing yourself so you cannot ‘get it wrong’

… nurturing your Creative Self can renew your sense of meaning and purpose and upgrade your life

… making art with mindfulness can be a grounding meditative practice 

 … you don’t have to be able to draw in order to paint

 … To experience the joy of your true creative nature is your birthright, and it’s easier than you think!



An Artist making abstract paintings, ceramics and most recently installations of both, Suzanne has been a Visual Art educator since 2006 when she also began mentoring painting students. Awarded The Australian National University Medal for her humanitarian Honours project ‘Love in the Violent Day,’ Suzanne has since completed her doctorate on the painting of light (2010), training in teaching, spiritual care (CPE1), Visionary Leadership, Meditation and Life Coaching. Her mission is to create spaces – inner and outer – that spark curiosity, stretch the imagination, nurture creativity and help people experience the solace & joy of their true creative nature. The long dark night of the soul after serious illness in 2011 and personal tragedy in 2012 led Suzanne to the innovation of her creativity-nurturing coaching framework and methods. Her in-person and online workshops, courses and retreat programs focus on reclaiming and sustaining creative freedom through changing one’s habitual thinking alongside developing a meditative art practice that anyone can do, so participants can experience the joy of their unique creative expression. Suzanne’s paintings are held in national and international collections, and have been exhibited in curated group and solo shows nationally, most recently in ‘Of Colour & Light: Womens’ Abstract Painters’ Biennial’ held in Melbourne.  She has presented her programs in Australia, Italy and Germany and paints from her studio in rural NSW.