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Stress melts. Fresh insights happen. Joy bubbles up… I love to help people find the secret harbour of their natural creative expression where curiosity and imagination become creative flow.

Colour, line and shape  speak to us in ways that are instantaneous and moving … and even though people may think they’re not creative, everyone has an Artist Within that understands and can feel self-expressed using such visual language.

An artist who teaches and coaches, I’m passionate about empowering people to restore their creative imagination and experience fulfilling self expression.

The same creative drive that created civilisation, continues to make art, culture and fresh options in all areas of life. However, pressure to ‘be more creative!’ doesn’t work so well. The implication is – you’re not creative enough. 

Self-doubt, deadlines, harsh criticism and negative self-talk undermines our creative efforts. But when we stop ourselves from being creative, replenishment also gets cut off. 

At one of my exhibitions, I met an art collector who told me about the musical instrument she’d once loved to play, but not any more. Why? I asked. She suddenly looked a long way away, and sad. Moments passed and she quickly smiled a small smile and walked away. 

This might seem trivial, but isn’t, given the work of Lawrence LeShan, renowned clinical psychologist and author of ‘Cancer as Turning Point’. He wrote about his patients suffering from ‘foiled creative fire’, their wellness often restored by expressing their true self; their creativity and enthusiasm for life.

 My programmes are customised within a coaching framework and use a tested method that has helped many people experience the insights and fulfilling expression of their true creative Self. 


Dr Suzanne Moss is a professional Artist, Journey Accredited Life Coach & former lecturer in Visual Arts. She has been teaching drawing and painting, mentoring and coaching since 2006. A student of meditation for many years, Suzanne innovated The Nurturing Creativity Method combining meditative art processes, The Journey Method and a coaching framework informed by neuroscience. Teaching practical ways to build skills and confidence in creative expression, she gently guides development of the Artist Within. Part of the global mindfulness movement, Suzanne’s mission is two-fold: to help people counter exhaustion and discontent through the wholeheartedness, insights, and replenishment that comes through mindful creative expression…and to cultivate inner peace through creating beautiful, contemplative spaces with art.






























































































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