hELLO! I’m suzanne




I help people bring peace and beauty to their sacrosanct time and space with art so they can relax more deeply and hear the still, small voice of their own wisdom. 

Whether being with art, or making it, art creates an environment that can radically change how you think and feel.

A contemplative art space offers a physical invitation to stop and become calm and centred, gain clarity and imagine what might be possible.

I also help people discover their unique way to paint, building a strong skill base with mindfulness so they gain confidence that reflects true creative and artistic growth. 

Most rewarding is walking side-by-side with people who are keen to fast-track their personal and/or creative development with immersive, customised training.

The work I offer:

– Art commissions for contemplative spaces

– Ready-made Peace Room Art installations 

– Clear creative block coaching

– Beginner or experienced, find or refresh your authentic visual language with the  ‘Paint from your Heart’ retreat-course or custom Masterclasses

– Meditative art workshops and retreats

Illuminate Mentoring programs


See the ‘Work with Me’ page to find out more 

(updated May 2023)




During 2011, Suzanne sought to create a beautiful, gentle space where she could ease the stress of being diagnosed with, and treated for, serious illness. The seeking led her on a circuitous journey travelling, studying, teaching and creating, to arrive at making her ‘Peace Room’ installations – compositions of paintings and ceramics intended to calm and soothe.

Held in national and international collections, Suzanne’s paintings have been shown in many curated exhibitions over the last 20 years, most recently at West End Art Space in Melbourne. 

Suzanne’s teaching career began at The Australian National University School of Art & Design, mentoring painters in 2006, followed by lecturing in painting, drawing and Renaissance art history (2007-14). She trained in the guided introspection methods known as The Journey (2010) and became an Accredited Life Coach in 2019.

After her doctoral years, several key experiences profoundly influenced Suzanne’s practice through experiencing art – making and seeing – as a way to inner peace: developing meditative art methods and presenting retreat-courses in Australia, Italy and Germany; being artist in residence at Hill End and Berkeley, California learning East Asian Calligraphy with Zen Master Kazuaki Tanahashi; contemplating the Boston MFA’s extraordinary exhibition Seeking Stillness and Clinical Pastoral Education at Royal Melbourne Hospital, where creating Sacred Space was not only an everyday thing, but an assignment that pointed the way to her current work.