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Art that loves you!

Years of meeting deadlines; striving to be even more competent, fitting in with others’ agendas, programs and requirements, and then… I became seriously ill. 

Something extraordinary happened during those incredibly anxious early weeks of treatment. We’d parked at the ocean-side car park near a beach café. The ocean was ablaze with light, like millions of diamonds. So spectacular, time seemed to stand still and my mind stopped racing. Then I heard a voice (in my head) – What do you love? Why are you here? It was so natural and peaceful to contemplate these questions. 

Immediately afterwards, I decided to draw what I loved right away in the cafe! 

Three days later, I realised something was missing – worrying! Drawing every day, I felt inspired again, and stronger. Looking back, it was as if those hundreds of hours of gentle creativity wove a comforting cocoon around me.

Much was to follow from the humble yet powerfully restorative processes that came to me during those months. The magic of creativity intrigued me, so I spent well over a year of intensive research into creativity; many more coaching courses and later, spiritual care training. I developed, refined and presented numerous workshops including the very first one for 20 university academics. My Creativity-nurturing Method crystallised and year after year, I witnessed people deeply in flow and later full of joy as they realised what they could do!

I taught meditative/contemplative art in-studio, community art centres, people’s homes, artists’ studios, university and international venues in Germany and Italy. One month of study with Zen Master Kaz Tanahashi in Berkeley continues to resonate through my life, along with the many realisations through discussions with wise-women artists Miriam Louisa Simons and Deborah Barlow who generously facilitated my seeing the resonant exhibition Seeking Stillness at the MFA. A strong sense of kinship with the artists was exhilarating, and before long, I was making contemplative spaces with my paintings and ceramics.

My two transformational art retreat-courses followed – one focused on meditative art, the other – Paint from your Heart – abstraction. 

Luminaries offered their gifts to me, and I hope to continue passing them on in the forms that are mine to offer. None of this would have happened without listening to and trusting the still small voice – the way to being inspired again and creatively restoring my sense of Soul.

Continuing to live meant changing my life; examining and changing how I thought and the actions I took. Blessings on my coach, teachers, friends and family.

Would you like to restore a sense of purpose and calm confidence, feeling centred and fulfilled, living with art and soulfully expressing your gifts?

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