hELLO! I’m suzanne




I help people find inner peace through art in two ways:

– creating sanctuaries with paintings and…

– learning how to make easy visual art with mindfulness, expert tuition and coaching.

MY PROMISE: I can help you move through creative blocks and gain clarity about your unique creative nature so you can develop visual art skills with ease. I guide you in practice of methods that give you the freedom to express yourself. More capable with your new discoveries, you’ll know how to prepare the way for creative flow, create your kind of light, begin new creative projects and gain confidence as you see your creative work unfold. I share with you my personal practice so you can continue with your art as a meditation– care of the soul that can leave you feeling inspired, joyful, replenished and fulfilled.

I believe …

… art can bring peace through upgrading the ambience of an environment

… making meditative art is a way to the inner peace, clarity and fulfilment of well-being 

… in helping people restore their freedom of creative expression with The Journey Method 

… you don’t have to be able to draw in order to paint

… in teaching painting with mindfulness and abstract methods

…helping people unfold their creative potential so they can access wise insights and fulfilment



My story…

Twenty years ago, I walked away from my successful Physiotherapy Practice to follow my passion. Painting. A university art school became my second home for the best part of fourteen years while I studied and taught there.

To be honest, I ‘pushed it’ often. But I couldn’t see that then. Both parents workaholics, striving was a way of life, and I didn’t read the signs of immune system dysfunction that led to serious illness. I was just beginning to achieve the painting/teaching career I wanted when the diagnosis put everything on hold. But I was only at the edge of the crucible.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by nature, somehow aware of the mystery in creation since I was a small child. Mesmerised by the thousands of leaves of the Oak in the schoolyard, I knew every single one held life. Seeing forests destroyed upsets me very much.

That very same sense of ‘wow!’ returned full force with an epiphany while I was undergoing treatment. It took a stupendous vision of the ocean, sparkling like a sea of diamonds, to clear the decks of my anxious mind and make space for two questions … and peace. As I answered those questions, I felt a return to a replenishing, meditative art practice. And with self-enquiry, The Journey Method that I’m trained in, so began my creativity-nuturing methods.

You could say I was getting on my feet again when my beloved Grant had a fatal heart attack. The shock did strange things to my mind and shattered my heart. I felt split. Like a train-wreck on the inside and the one who appeared to be ok, painting and teaching gave me a sense of wholeness.

 Since 2012, I’ve developed, presented and refined my programs including a 2-week retreat to Florence. Now I have two kinds of retreats: Paint from the Heart for those who want to discover their unique painting language with insights, and Solace Colour & Light for those who want the respite of a meditative art practice.

I love creating luminous sanctuaries with my paintings, and teaching people to create their own, within, and in their living spaces. When I feel the gentle hum of creativity … and when I see my client smile like they are five years old again…  my heart is full.


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Dr Suzanne Moss is an award-winning painter, teacher and Journey Accredited Life Coach trained in spiritual care and meditation. A former Physiotherapist and university lecturer in Visual Art, she has exhibited professionally since 1997. Suzanne was awarded The Australian National University Medal and Embassy of Spain Torres Travelling Scholarship for her humanitarian Honours Painting Project “Love in the Violent Day”. Since her doctorate “Painting Light, Touching Space”, Suzanne has had 4 solo exhibitions and has been part of several curated shows including The Blake Prize. She was artist in residence at Hill End, Australia, Tuscany, Italy, and honoured to be student of Zen Brush teacher, author and activist Kazuaki Tanahashi in California. After many years’ research and development, Suzanne innovated her creativity-nurturing coaching framework and visual art teaching methods with mindfulness. She has presented her programs in Australia, Italy and Germany and paints from her studio in rural NSW.