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Stress melts away. Fresh insights happen without effort. Joy bubbles up… I love to help people find the secret harbour of their natural creative Self where curiosity and imagination flow into making and fresh insights.

Colour, line and shape  speak to us in ways that are instantaneous and moving … and even though people may think they’re not creative, everyone has an Artist Within that understands and can feel self-expressed using such visual language, our first ever language.

An artist who teaches and coaches, I’m passionate about empowering adults to access more of their creative potential.

The same creative drive that created civilisation, continues to make art, culture and fresh options in all areas of life. However, pressure to ‘be more creative!’ doesn’t work so well. The implication is – you’re not creative enough. 

Self-doubt, deadlines, harsh criticism and negative self-talk undermines our creative efforts. But when we stop ourselves from being creative, replenishment also gets cut off. Cynicism and depression can creep in and the risk of burnout increases. And then it’s easy to simply stop. And re-hash. Or whatever. And since life is not a bunch of compartments, that flavour permeates our lives. There’s a Zen saying: How you do anything is how you do everything…

At one of my exhibitions, I met an art collector who told me about the musical instrument she’d once loved to play, but not any more. Why? I asked. She suddenly looked a long way away, and sad. Moments passed and she quickly smiled a small smile and turned away. It seemed almost trivial, but it wasn’t. 

You can restore the joy and genius of your unique creative expression. Since creative potential is unique, working one-to-one and in small groups makes sense. Programmes are customised within a coaching framework and use a tested method that has helped many clients understand, care for and develop their creative Self. 

“You know that the antidote to exhaustion is not necessarily rest? … The antidote to exhaustion is wholeheartedness.” David Whyte



 Suzanne Moss is a painter, art teacher and Journey Accredited Life Coach who brings life coaching to art and art to coaching to help people inspire, develop and replenish the Artist Within. A former Physiotherapist and university lecturer in Visual Arts, Suzanne bridges art and science with one-to-one and small group programmes for the well-being, artistic expression and creative thinking of her clients and students. Foundational to all her Art+Coaching programmes is her Nurturing Creativity Method developed over decades of experience and research. Suzanne’s mission is to help people recover and nurture their Artist Within so they can live wholeheartedly.
































































































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