hi! I’m suzanne




Stress melts away. Fresh insights happen without effort. Joy bubbles up… I love to help people find the secret harbour of their natural creative Self where curiosity and imagination flow into the joy of making and fresh insights.

Colour, line and shape  speak to us in ways that are instantaneous and profoundly moving … and even though people may think they’re not creative, everyone has an artist within that can understand and feel self-expressed using such visual language.

I’m an artist who teaches and coaches using my unique method of nurturing creativity.  It’s magical to see adults accessing more of their creative potential, immersed in colour rather than worries!


Working with adults from their 40’s to their 60’s, many have doubted their creativity and even said ‘I don’t have a creative bone in my body!’ Yet, there they were in my art class yearning to experience the inner artist they knew the deep-down-truth about.

 Coach training gave me the skills to help people clear the blocks and discover the truth about their Artist Within.

The yearning to feel creatively self-expressed is not logical, but nor is any of the greatest art in the world. The benefits, however, make sense. 

(more about this in an upcoming paper)

The pressure to ‘be more creative!’ can bring out our worst thoughts about ourselves. And then any creative idea is like dust on the horizon!

Not surprisingly, people stop themselves. And when they stop themselves, life is lived small. Joy ebbs away. Cynicism can creep in. And depression. I’ve been there.

And my mission is to make a difference empowering people with skills and confidence so they can experience the extraordinary human experience of their unique creative expression.

One size does not fit all.

Private Art + Coaching the Artist Within programs are themed: Restore   Inspire  Develop  Empower  Nourish

Mentoring is also available after completion of any of these programs. 

People who work with me are tired of the frustration and harsh self-criticism; they’re over caring about what others might think.

 So is it time yet?

Ask here about a Discovery Session – complimentary with booking any program.

An award-winning artist, Suzanne has mentored and taught painting and drawing at university art school, community art centres, while artist/teacher in residence, internationally on retreat, as visiting artist and in studio programs during the last 12 years. She draws on her experience as an artist, teacher and Accredited Life Coach working one-to-one and with small groups. Suzanne’s art courses and coaching programs help people build both visual art skills and confidence so they can listen, respond and fulfil their heart’s desire to feel creatively self-expressed.