hELLO! I’m suzanne




One often hears – life is short – and yet we put off what brings us joy … until when? 

Through my journey with life-threatening illness, two things have become very clear. 

I needed a space where I could unwind and be me; a space that invited my brow to soften, shoulders and belly to release their tension and be with myself in a kind way. My anxious mind settled and meditation became possible.

And I needed to make a different kind of art. Intuitive, calming and meditative, anxiety eased away completely as the afternoons during those weeks of treatment passed in creative flow. 

Inspired by the transformational power of my creative practice, I delved deeply into creativity research. Along with my experience as an artist and university painting teacher, over the next few years I devised, tested and refined a new framework for both nurturing creativity and guiding art-making as a contemplative, meditative practice.

I’ve developed and presented many meditative art courses in Australia and a few internationally. I can help you create your special contemplative space, and learn to paint as a profoundly nurturing mindfulness practice. 

‘Paint from your Heart’ is now online to do at your leisure with monthly Zoom coaching calls with me to answer your questions and share with our lovely community. Start by registering HERE for the free mini-course “Colour from your Heart”

On completion, you’ll be able to book a  ‘True Colours Discovery Session’ with me. I look forward to meeting you! 

(updated March 2022)



Suzanne has been a Visual Art educator since 2006 when she began mentoring painting students at a university art school. She continued with lecturing and tutoring in The Old Masters, Drawing and Painting until mid 2014. Colour and Composition are her favourite subjects.

Awarded The Australian National University Medal for her humanitarian Honours project ‘Love in the Violent Day,’ Suzanne has since completed her doctorate ‘Painting Light, Touching Space’ (2010), became certified in teaching, spiritual care (CPE1), Visionary Leadership, Life Coaching with The Journey Method and learned East Asian Calligraphy with Kazuaki Tanahashi in Berkeley, California and Tassajara Zen Centre (2017).

Suzanne brings decades of painting and drawing experience to her teaching and mentoring. While on a coach’s course in San Francisco, she realised the creativity nurturing system that underpinned the transformational shifts people were experiencing.

Suzanne’s intention is to create sacred spaces with her art and courses; so you can listen inwardly, reconnect with what really matters and experience the remarkable joy of creativity. Her in-person and online workshops, courses and retreat programs focus on developing a healthy mindset hand-in-hand with foundational mindfulness and art skills.

Suzanne’s paintings are held in national and international private collections, and have been exhibited in curated group and solo shows nationally. Most recently her work was shown in ‘Of Colour & Light: Womens’ Abstract Painters’ Biennial’ held in Melbourne. She works from her studio in the Snowy Valley, NSW, Australia.