Peace Room Art

Create a sacrosanct space of your own





I help people create gentle, calming spaces with art, so they can unwind, gain clarity and make choices that bring life-changing peace and goodness into their lives.

Spaces that are soothing and curiosity provoking, can instantly remind us to pause for long enough to hear ourselves think, imagine and remember our heart’s desires.

A dedicated space in your home or office for ‘thinking time,’ journal and/or meditate, can offer deep replenishment so inspiration and creativity can naturally arise again.

Your dedicated ‘Peace Room’ space can interrupt auto-pilot, remind you to stop, breathe and imagine, giving a different kind of rest. 

Is it time yet to question depleting work habits and be kinder to yourself? You can, with your very own ‘Peace Room’ Collection with complimentary guided installation.

Please contact me via the Home Page if you are interested in Peace Room Art

See more of my work on Instagram @suzannemossart

See more here about my work as a contemplative abstract painter. And you can get my booklet as PDF (2015) here free.


All images of paintings and ceramics are the intellectual property of Dr Suzanne Moss. Background and portrait photographs courtesy of Dr Genevieve Swifte & triptych image by Donna Longobardi.