Dr Suzanne Moss



Creating beautiful artful spaces dedicated to contemplation is my thing. 

Inspired compositions of paintings, ceramics, linens and flowers can become designated places to stop, breathe, settle and listen to our own thoughts.

Through adversity, my life changed radically. Deep in grief, my art practice became more of a spiritual practice. I believe it helped save my life. Feeling compelled to share the ideas and realisations, I spent years developing, presenting and refining art & coaching programs, supported by creativity research, further coach training, training is Spiritual Care and my own art practice.

Most of my students are achievers, and realised like me,  through loss or health issues, the old ways were not working for them. Feeling tired, empty and lost, when not rushing they had the presence of mind to ask – is this it?! Hmmm time to make a change!

I love helping people create a special space of their own; a space to feel uplifted; a space to play and unwind; a space  to hear yourself think. This is one of my sacred tasks that came out of navigating life-threatening illness followed by heart-breaking loss.

Find out more in my ‘Morning Sanctuary’ mini-documentary on the Home Page. There are opportunities to explore this more deeply in my workshops, retreats and private coaching.

You too can remember what really matters and feel inspired to dream again.

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Banner image by Suzanne Moss, Vanessa Series #1, 2022

Below: Vanessa Series #9, painting, stoneware, installation & photograph by Dr Suzanne Moss

Below: My book on ISSUU: ‘Painting Light, Touching Space: Notes from a Meditative Art Practice’ 2015