Dr Suzanne Moss



I love creating spaces dedicated to contemplation with compositions of paintings, ceramics, linens and flowers;  reminders to stop, breathe, settle and listen.

Through adversity, my life changed radically. Painting slowed but never stopped. I spent years on research, development and presenting creativity-nurturing art and coaching programs.

Most of my clients are achievers, and they’re tired. The old ways are not working for them any more and they’re feeling lost, wondering – is this it? And they know there’s more…

Creating a special space ‘to be’ and hear yourself think can help in surprising ways. Renowned CEO Keith Cunningham attributes Thinking Time to his extraordinary success. I share more about that in my mini-documentary, coming in March!

I love helping people make a space their own with art that uplifts, to unwind, think with clarity, remember what really matters and imagine afresh, so they can restore quality and meaning to their lives. 

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Banner image by Suzanne Moss, Vanessa Series #1, 2022

Inset: Hearth #11, 2018, installation & photograph by Dr Suzanne Moss 

Below: Vanessa Series #9, painting, stoneware, installation & photograph by Dr Suzanne Moss

Below: My book: ‘Painting Light, Touching Space: Notes from a Meditative Art Practice’ 2015