suzanne moss






Creating contemplative spaces is something I’ve done for a long time. 

For decades, I’ve drawn and painted in a range of ways, from figuration to abstraction. The common thread is an intrigue with how colour and composition can ‘speak’ about our numinous experiences of human being, rather than incessant doing. 

Arrangements of marks, colours and shapes made up humanity’s first language. I’m curious about how these elements of visual language can calm and remind us of who we are, and touch the heart before the mind tries to ‘figure it out.’ To paraphrase arts writer Bob Nickas, abstract painting can be the antidote to the daily flood of images.

See more here about my work as a contemplative abstract painter. And you can get my booklet as PDF (2015) here free.

Upcoming exhibitions will be posted on this page and in the interim, studio visits or online studio consultations are available, considering health regulations. Please make your request via the Contact Page.


All images below are of paintings and ceramics made and composed by Dr Suzanne Moss. Taken in her Snowy Valley studio, NSW Australia, b: Atelier Studio Gallery, Batlow and Tumut Art Society Five Ways gallery, images remain the intellectual property of Dr Suzanne Moss.  Background & artist portrait photographs courtesy of Dr Genevieve Swifte & Donna Longobardi.