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Painting is like going to a secret place, where you get to choose colours without knowing exactly what will happen… Alchemy! 

I understand why millions of people fell in love with colouring when Joanna Basford released “The Secret Garden”.  She empowered people to have the same kind of joy in colour that artists have, without needing to be an artist. While colouring has been criticised, it’s what painters like me do, except with paint. Besides, the health benefits of colouring have been repeatedly proven. And when one of my students said: “Choosing colours is like choosing life!” I could only agree.

Mostly, my paintings are abstract. For decades, I’ve drawn and painted in a range of ways, from realism to monochromes. The common thread is an intrigue with how colours and structures provide the  language to ‘speak’ about our extraordinary experiences that are difficult to communicate with words. As an example, how might we paint about love? The answer for me was through painting abstract fields of light inspired by nature. 

People can be a bit weird about abstraction mostly, I guess, because they don’t understand it. However, lines, colours and shapes made up humanity’s first language. How these elements work together seeks to engage the whole person, not just the mind.

Really, it’s impossible to properly experience art as online images, which is why artists still have real exhibitions in real galleries.  If any of my work sparks your interest, let me know. We can talk about availability or upcoming exhibitions.




Painting of the week:

Series Hearth (Summer), 2018, 50 x 60cm, acrylic on canvas


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