See the change in others that have come before you

Dr Kate Flaherty

Dr Kate Flaherty

Lecturer in English & Drama, School of Literature, Languages & Linguistics, The Australian National University, Canberra

Suzanne Moss is unlike any other speaker I’ve ever encountered. She establishes a creative space with her table of stimulating books and objects; and a metaphorical space of acceptance and calm. She then invites her listeners to share the space with her. While bringing to bear a vast amount of research on creativity as a central capacity for efficacy in work and life in general, she never loses the personal dimension of her connection with her audience. In my workshop her contribution focused on academic research as a form of creative application. However, I could well imagine Suzanne gently provoking any audience to take better care of what they care about by fostering creativity within it and in their lives in general. Her presentations provide a much needed space adjacent to the problem or the challenge with which to reflect on it with new clarity. I would recommend her unreservedly to any work unit or individual who is beset by complex pressures and internal tensions. Her affect is both energising and liberating; as one participant put it: amazing! Changed my life!

“I’d just like to reiterate how wonderful I found Suzanne’s class…I also feel I CAN do it. You gave me so much insight into ways of thinking… Suzanne, you have given me 5 years of inspiration and information in 5 days. Many thanks.”


Dear Suzanne, A few lines of thanks and praise for your recent workshop of Creativity. The workshop was nothing short of life-changing for me. Somehow you have managed a perfect balance between in-depth research, vibrant creativity and gentle wisdom. Your facility to listen to and hear the participants’ contributions and to then guide us to listen to ourselves is a remarkable and special gift. Thank you for the reading suggestions, the practical exercises, the encouragements and the challenges.

DR ROB CONKIE,  Senior Lecturer Theatre & Drama, LaTrobe University, Victoria

Suzanne is simply wonderful! For someone who has become unfamiliar with the creative process, the work we did together was fabulous. Her gentleness as a person and her skills in combining Art with Journeywork is extraordinary. She has a beautiful spirit and kindness that simply shines through her work. Highly, highly recommend spending some time with her to get back in touch with your true creative self. Do it now, do it for yourself and enjoy the experience!

DR SERENA TAN, Creative Designer, co-founder of Oasis Dental

Suzanne is a skilful, gifted and creative healing guide. I always feel a solid presence, attentiveness and clarity when I’m with her. My experience of Journey work with Suzanne is she walks with you every step of the way. I felt safe, reassured and in very capable hands. I liken her to a great climbing buddy, giving me just the right amount of rope, prompts and direction to embrace my inner wisdom and to harness the courage to dare to go where I have not been before. Her depth of experience in life and her work emanates from her. I’m touched by her gentle healing ways, compassionate spirit and the beauty of her realness.

SIMONE MISKIN, Yoga Teacher, Life Coach

Suzanne’s session was both empowering and interactive. I found it encouraging and engaging. It helped me to understand my creative abilities and to look beyond limitations. Personally I feel more aware of how I can overcome negative attitudes related to my creative practice. She offered insightful and positive information which was relevant to my creativity. Her words are powerful and will leave you impacted.

RACHEL STEVENS, Visual Arts Diploma, Canberra Institute of Technology

I love the invitation that the courses offer. It sounds compelling, and is something that would, I’m sure, allow big breakthroughs for a lot of people. Creative expression is an area that I so often see stifled in people who have buried issues, and this would be a great way to facilitate the uncovering of true freedom while allowing people to reach a creative goal.

KEVIN BILLETT, CEO The Journey, Wales, UK

Suzanne, You have helped me uncover a creative aspect of myself that has lain dormant for a long time…I now have a sense of purpose. Thanks for helping me look at things in a different way…You have helped me to broaden my outlook; to open my eyes to see things anew or to really see them completely differently and feed my imagination. I have a much greater appreciation of the behind-the-scenes testing out of ideas, exploration and experimentation that goes on well before the end project comes to life.


Suzanne, your Abstraction course was a remarkable surprise and so much more than I had expected. It has completely changed my way of seeing the world around me. I have a new and exciting understanding of abstract art. It was so satisfying not only on an intellectual or creative level, which I had naturally hoped for. It was the way I was touched personally and spiritually that amazes me.

In fact, I would describe it as not so much a ‘course’ but a life changing experience. When I went into my studio at the end of the week, and looked through the collection of materials, and the varying evidences of my practice over the years I suddenly and deeply realised “ I am an artist!

I find my self filled with awe and inspiration for the magic of light, form, space and colour, expressing feelings and abstract ideas that cannot be realised in representation work. I have a new insight into my practice and feel empowered by this beautiful discovery. Here is a way of playing with the materiality of paint that I find myself connecting with on a higher level. It has been a re-valuation that has transformed my vision of myself and my place in the world.

I am not sure words really express the magic I have discovered. Anyway, it happened at exactly the right time. How wonderful. I am so grateful that our paths crossed at this time.”

PARI GILMOUR, Artist & Art Educator​

On the last weekend of January 2016 I attended the Workshop “Reclaim your Creativity” given by Dr Suzanne Moss in Canberra. I went with a certain amount of trepidation because, although I am a creative person in several fields including writing and music, I have never felt that I could be creative with my hands to create colourful and interesting images that I would not want to throw into the bin. I immediately felt in the right place when the workshop began…I experienced a wonderful sense of achievement and because of this I have been inspired to continue along the path using Suzanne’s unique techniques. I also found a great release as far as my writing was concerned and have felt able to write again…I can’t thank Suzanne enough for her teaching and the after effects that I have experienced.

TESSA BREMNER OAM, MCA, Dip. Lang.  Theatre Director, Playwright, Author, Music & Voice Educator​

Suzanne is energetically the gentlest lecturer with whom I’ve had the pleasure of working. She quietly and methodically steps her students though a variety of media to expose them to the particular style of drawing they are to experience/deliver, that day. When showing them through a drawing exercise, on large format sheets, a moving white canvas sail as it was gradually unfurled throughout the multi-step drawing task, it was almost performance art. She was so delicate with the quite rugged sail, moving, unrolling, placing and replacing, almost posing it like a human model. Suzanne, an artist scholar, led with her own large format sail drawings which were breath-taking and awe-inspiring. She showed how she worked the medium, removed line and density with an eraser and worked to both build and remove simultaneously to get the captivating finished drawing. An incredibly challenging task, so gently introduced and scoped, that every student stepped up and gave their absolute best. The layout of her class, in a painting studio, is unlike any other class I have observed. I was transported to my time in art school, watching easels and ponies jostling for the best vantage point, and watching the subtle dynamics of confident, dominant, not so confident and emerging student artist, at play. And weaving her magic between the students, and between all the hard won best possies was Suzanne like the gentlest of learned spiders, weaving an invisible gossamer thread to bind them together, keep them on task and on time, and encourage them to step up and be bold. She is simply brilliant.

AMANDA BURRELL, Principal of ‘Captivus’, innovator and presenter of ‘Lecturing as Performance Programme’, The Australian National University, Canberra.

Your Level 1 course  helped my gain confidence in my ability to be creative again. It reminded me of the joy and peace I feel when I am immersed in creating something… I love how you discussed the theoretical and philosophical foundations behind what we were doing. I was so impressed at the breadth and depth of your knowledge. Wow… I especially loved the visualisation exercise to help us choose our colours, it was so powerful and in some ways the choices were surprising… I really enjoyed the small and intimate class size. Thank you for such a wonderful experience. I am very grateful for it.


I stand behind my arts more than ever and the people also feel it. I get confirmation from it. When I’m painting I diminish stress… Or I’m searching for solutions on situations or problems. It calms me down… I try out more courageous things. Painting is fun and work at the same time. The white empty sheet of paper is no more a ghost. Suddenly people are interested in what I do and also in my pictures. I try out new painting technologies and colours. Light and shade. Effects. … I have painted with my children in their Christmas holidays. It was great for them and for me. We sat on the floor and painted with acrylic colours and our hands. … The surprise has been big. Great paintings! And they were really sunk for 2 hours in their work. Painting has become necessary, alive and important in my life again. Thank you very much, Suzanne! My picture hangs above my desk where I do my paintings! It’s our connection. 😉 …IRENE KOTULLA, Germany


Suzanne’s clear feedback motivated me to make an immediate change in my life – a change that means the difference between health and illness, fulfillment and frustration. Suzanne also led me on an inner journey that brought healing to one of the most challenging aspects of my past. She has an amazing gift in terms of creating a loving and completely safe space where deep transformation can happen gently and effectively. I warmly recommend Suzanne’s work to anyone who wants to connect deeper with their creative source!

HALINA GOLDSTEIN, Coach & Teacher, Denmark

Experiencing Suzanne’s work was profoundly healing for me. I did not know what to expect, but I trusted her expertise. What followed was a deeply transformative journey. Suzanne guided me gently and lovingly while helping me release outdated beliefs, let go of old patterns and reframe painful memories that were unknowingly coloring my present decisions and life choices…Working with Suzanne opened up space for new awareness of what is possible for me. I bow in gratitude to this magic woman and skillful practitioner.

GINA BREZINI, Therapist, New York​


I  am very……..GRATEFUL. I recommend this course absolutely! I relaxed, had lots of fun when working on the creative part, and I had ideas about my future activity. It doesn’t even matter whether these ideas will turn into reality right away, I feel that that there will be a creative change of direction in my professional life.

6 months later: ‘My creative practice helps me stay sane. I feel inspired to bring my vision to my workplace. My quality of life is better and I would like to continue this creative outpouring!

GRAZIA MICCICHE’, Senior Lecturer, Turin, Italy​

I really enjoyed the whole experience and was a little surprised by some of the things I was able to do…The Level 1 course is an experience where you can allow the barriers to your creativity to fall away and a fresh enthusiasm to develop, in a relaxed environment.

SEAMUS FOLEY, Counsellor, Creator of Ballads, Mandolins and other exquisite works in wood.

The chance to have a whole weekend of creativity was enjoyable, helpful and is already useful. The simple act of turning on to a shut-down part of me made me realise what was missing or what could be important, once again, in my Life. Choosing colours is like choosing Life!… I definitely recommend the course. It was part of a constant that has been missing in my Life for quite some time. Go for it! It just might be the encouragement and stimulation you need to open or re-open some area of your true being like a ‘Yes, I can!’ It was so good to have expert instruction…A real integration of creative spirit performed in the company of like minds. Thanks Suzanne.

MARILYN POWELL, Forensic Archaeologist, Ceramicist, Photographer, Writer

Suzanne’s instruction and guidance is both informative and encouraging. I highly recommend the Level 1 workshop (Restore). Thank you Suzanne. May I be attending many more of your workshops.

MAUREEN FLANAGAN, Teacher, Counsellor & Guide​

I found the ease of the course beneficial. There was no expectation, and no having to do. Just a gentle ease which was awesome. Yes, I recommend this course – you would be surprised at how creative you really are.

JAN HENDERSON, Presenter and Senior Accredited Practitioner of The Journey Method, Australia

Suzanne is so patient, so encouraging and very supportive. Suzanne, you really have something precious here!

STEENUS von STEENSON, Artist, Daylesford

If you are interested in restoration, personal growth and unlocking your self-imposed barriers to creative expression, Suzanne can help.


Suzanne is a patient and insightful teacher… For me, I was trying to rekindle my creativity. The course allows you the access and reflective space to gain your own insights and inspiration.

DAMIAN SMITH, Draughtsman, Photographer

When I heard that Suzanne Moss was going to be my supervisor during my final year of my visual arts degree, I was absolutely delighted because I knew I was going to be in good hands. Suzanne’s broad knowledge of art theory is impressive, but even more so her ability to apply it to her classes in a creative, refreshing manner. As a teacher and mentor she is encouraging, patient, and giving; she fully understands that being an attentive listener is vital to her students’ learning and growth. Her approach to teaching constantly reminds us that much of art begins from the body and soul’s desire to engage with and benefit the world in which it resides.

FIFI WONG, BVA (Hons), PHD (Philosophy)

Suzanne Moss’s role as a mentor coach, artist and educator in the area of creative development is distinguished not only by experience and professionalism, but also her innate sense of empathy for others. In addition to helping me address negative experiences that were the cause of personal issues, she taught me how to navigate future situations in order to achieve creative fulfilment…Developing my creativity and helping my art practice, also extended to other areas of my life, such as home, relationships, and family. Suzanne’s guidance has given me the confidence to unleash my creative potential… I have no hesitation in recommending her!

JANET ANGUS, Creative: Graphic Design & Visual Arts