See the change in others who have come before you

Tabitha Hocking, Artist

Tabitha Hocking, Artist

I decided this year that I wanted to bring my art practice back into my life, professionally. For the past ten years, it has been a hobby, something that I do on occasion when I have time and feel like it. A nagging feeling had increasingly let me know that this needed to change. I realised that if I was serious about taking this step, that I would need some support. Suzanne instantly came to mind. She was a previous mentor of mine back in my art school days. I remembered how Suzanne works with the whole person, not just the artist, and I knew that the support I was seeking was beyond ‘studio talk’. I was going through a big life change. 

I was (and still am) blown away by the potency of the work Suzanne and I did in our sessions. Going to incredibly deep places, from where deep realisations came to the surface. She helped me feel into and embody my truths, and to heal parts within me that have been limiting my potential. This was BIG work, but something I was very ready for, as I needed this change in my life. 

Suzanne designed a program for my particular needs – starting with some deep coaching work, and leading into support specifically with my art practice. However Suzanne was amazing at recognising what work needed to be done each session – if I needed coaching, we’d do coaching, if I was going well we’d spend the session talking art instead. I really appreciated this flexible approach, as it gave me the support that I needed. 

From our sessions, I am developing a clearer understanding of my art practice. What it is that I am doing, what it is that I am interested in. How to talk about my work. Ideas about what I could explore further. Recommendations of books, articles, artists, and other resources to explore. Looking at the works that I am making, I can see a big change since having started working with Suzanne. I have started painting in a way I hadn’t felt brave enough to do previously…. The wonderful thing is I that I can see some exciting things coming out in my works. I haven’t been this dedicated to my art practice since I was in uni. I haven’t felt the possibility of being a professional artist as I do now, since I was a teenager. 

I am so grateful for Suzanne’s support. She is an intuitive, heart centred, incredibly knowledgeable and talented woman. I will continue to work with Suzanne, and I recommend her without hesitation.  

(photo: Tabitha hanging her painting at exhibition ‘Try this at Home’ at B:Atelier, Batlow, NSW curated by Dr Suzanne Moss, March 2021)

I can only describe ‘Paint from the Heart’ with Suzanne as a life-changing experience. The content and processes of those days were profound and moving, helping me access my inner world and natural love of colour. Suzanne is a gifted, sensitive and intuitive guide and companion. Her life experience has brought together an exceptional balance of skills, knowledge and understanding of colour, composition and inner journeying.

I came to this time with absolutely no previous experience of painting, (other than enjoying what other people have produced). When I first saw the possibility of me “risking” this experience, my critical voice cut in and said “don’t kid yourself” However, I had a deeper knowing and luckily this won out. I have been gifted with a new set of eyes, which has nothing to do with being an “artist”. I now have an extra means of seeing, feeling, understanding and expressing who I am.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart Suzanne and would encourage any person to follow their yearning and allow Paint from the Heart to empower and fill their life with light, colour and love. 


Having had the good fortune to be a private art student of Suzanne’s for some time now, it is a pleasure to recommend her to others.

 Suzanne is a highly accomplished artist in her own right and is skilled in all paint mediums. More than this, Suzanne is a serious student of art history and theory. Therefore, she is capable of assessing where her students are at in their own knowledge and practice and tailoring her lessons to best meet their current needs.

Speaking personally, I had identified several specific areas of technical skill I needed help with. Suzanne was very encouraging, very empathetic and took time to really understand what my issues were. Then when I appeared for our private tuition sessions, she was always well prepared. She was able to refer to artists and open books to demonstrate people who had command of the issues I was interested in. This was done in a way that drew me out, and it was complimented by exercises Suzanne created for me to practice and develop what I was after.

Throughout Suzanne conducted herself in a highly professional, gentle, caring and personable manner. It has been a delight to study with her and learn as much as I have done.

For anyone seeking personalised tuition at a high level, I thoroughly recommend Suzanne Moss; absolutely excellent!


Yarra Junction, August 2019

After 4 Days of private Masterclasses in Colour & Composition


Working with Suzanne has changed my life!! …

By working intensively with Suzanne everything has changed. She seems to not only have an immense depth of knowledge in art (far beyond anything I have seen or learnt from reading EVERY book and watching EVERY video I could) but is so gifted at relating what needs to happen for an individual student.

There is a freedom gained from the way that she works with you. With the only intention that you be the absolute best you can be, Suzanne informs, assists, guides, and coaches you to see the right way through, FOR YOU!… She is a treasure!


I love the invitation that the courses offer. It sounds compelling, and is something that would, I’m sure, allow big breakthroughs for a lot of people. Creative expression is an area that I so often see stifled in people who have buried issues, and this would be a great way to facilitate the uncovering of true freedom while allowing people to reach a creative goal.

KEVIN BILLETT, CEO The Journey, Wales, UK 

Feedback following PAINT FROM THE HEART (Private retreat) 2020

 One week after ‘Paint from the Heart,’ I realised my life preceding had been one of mechanically skimming from one thing to the next even though they were things I care deeply about.

 I was anxious, running around at 100 miles an hour, doing 3-4 things at once thinking I was achieving a lot. I noticed soon after, the anxiety was gone. I was present to one thing at a time – baking when I was baking, washing when I was washing. I got so much more done and without stress. I was even able to take time out for me and ask for help in the kitchen. This is not something we even talked about, but just happened and really surprised me.

 I worked with Suzanne to help me let go of the barriers to my creativity that I knew were there but could not shift. My challenge was to stay in that space of letting go and I’m so glad I did.

 Suzanne guided me through blocks to pave a way to be fully present to those things I care deeply about and experience joy. The painting part I absolutely loved, and she helped me find my natural way to draw – a gift I now give myself each day in quiet stillness.

 Suzanne has a calm, caring mastery and brilliance that truly connects with me and guides me to discover my Self and my natural way to draw and paint. I can’t speak highly enough of this course.

 I feel wonderful after those 4 days! It was like pressing the ‘refresh’ button. Before, there was heaviness. Now I feel awakened and excited with clarity to pursue this new way of being that welcomes my worth and meaning. I see a changed woman when I look in the mirror. And when I play my piano it sounds sweet and I know my soul and being are aligned.

 Now I realise there’s opportunity and possibility. I start my day differently. I care for myself. I schedule my creative time and have so many ideas – I feel so much better! Creatively, I’ve been feeling ‘on fire’ since the course!

 I’m convinced I would not have reached my destination with other people in the room (virtual or real). And to maintain momentum in my new painting practice and sustain this preferred way of living, I’m continuing with Suzanne as my Mentor. It’s helping me to be better for me!  DL

Suzanne Moss is unlike any other speaker I’ve ever encountered. She establishes a creative space with her table of stimulating books and objects; and a metaphorical space of acceptance and calm. She then invites her listeners to share the space with her. While bringing to bear a vast amount of research on creativity as a central capacity for efficacy in work and life in general, she never loses the personal dimension of her connection with her audience. In my workshop her contribution focused on academic research as a form of creative application. However, I could well imagine Suzanne gently provoking any audience to take better care of what they care about by fostering creativity within it and in their lives in general. Her presentations provide a much needed space adjacent to the problem or the challenge with which to reflect on it with new clarity. I would recommend her unreservedly to any work unit or individual who is beset by complex pressures and internal tensions. Her affect is both energising and liberating; as one participant put it: amazing! Changed my life!

DR KATE FLAHERTY Lecturer in English & Drama, School of Literature, Languages & Linguistics, The Australian National University, Canberra


Sheer serendipity brought Suzanne and I together to collaborate on my creative journey at a critical time.

I was filled with potential but had lost my sense of purpose; my intention for creating work. I was in Limbo.

Suzanne met me where I was and collaborated with me bringing her experience to guide me on my personal path out of that Limbo.

 I found purpose and my own heartfelt intention to go forward in a most surprising direction for me. And I am brimming over with enthusiasm at continuing my journey with heartfelt intention.

 I felt in my soul that Suzanne’s guidance would be more valuable than dollars and cents could every measure. Now I know this is true…

DR BRENDA DYACK  Artist, Lecturer in Economics & The Environment



Dear Suzanne, A few lines of thanks and praise for your recent workshop on Creativity. The workshop was nothing short of life-changing for me. Somehow you have managed a perfect balance between in-depth research, vibrant creativity and gentle wisdom. Your facility to listen to and hear the participants’ contributions and to then guide us to listen to ourselves is a remarkable and special gift. Thank you for the reading suggestions, the practical exercises, the encouragements and the challenges.

Best wishes,

DR ROB CONKIE, Senior Lecturer Theatre and Drama, La Trobe University

Suzanne, your Abstraction course (now Paint from your Heart) was a remarkable surprise and so much more than I had expected. It has completely changed my way of seeing the world around me. I have a new and exciting understanding of abstract art. It was so satisfying not only on an intellectual or creative level, which I had naturally hoped for. It was the way I was touched personally and spiritually that amazes me.

In fact, I would describe it as not so much a ‘course’ but a life changing experience. When I went into my studio at the end of the week, and looked through the collection of materials, and the varying evidences of my practice over the years I suddenly and deeply realised “ I am an artist!

I find my self filled with awe and inspiration for the magic of light, form, space and colour, expressing feelings and abstract ideas that cannot be realised in representation work. I have a new insight into my practice and feel empowered by this beautiful discovery. Here is a way of playing with the materiality of paint that I find myself connecting with on a higher level. It has been a re-valuation that has transformed my vision of myself and my place in the world.

I am not sure words really express the magic I have discovered. Anyway, it happened at exactly the right time. How wonderful. I am so grateful that our paths crossed at this time.”

PARI GILMOUR, Artist & Art Educator​

On the last weekend of January 2016 I attended the Workshop “Reclaim your Creativity” given by Dr Suzanne Moss in Canberra. I went with a certain amount of trepidation because, although I am a creative person in several fields including writing and music, I have never felt that I could be creative with my hands to create colourful and interesting images that I would not want to throw into the bin. I immediately felt in the right place when the workshop began…I experienced a wonderful sense of achievement and because of this I have been inspired to continue along the path using Suzanne’s unique techniques. I also found a great release as far as my writing was concerned and have felt able to write again…I can’t thank Suzanne enough for her teaching and the after effects that I have experienced.

TESSA BREMNER OAM, MCA, Dip. Lang.  Theatre Director, Playwright, Author, Music & Voice Educator​

Suzanne is energetically the gentlest lecturer with whom I’ve had the pleasure of working. She quietly and methodically steps her students though a variety of media to expose them to the particular style of drawing they are to experience/deliver, that day. When showing them through a drawing exercise, on large format sheets, a moving white canvas sail as it was gradually unfurled throughout the multi-step drawing task, it was almost performance art. She was so delicate with the quite rugged sail, moving, unrolling, placing and replacing, almost posing it like a human model. Suzanne, an artist scholar, led with her own large format sail drawings which were breath-taking and awe-inspiring. She showed how she worked the medium, removed line and density with an eraser and worked to both build and remove simultaneously to get the captivating finished drawing. An incredibly challenging task, so gently introduced and scoped, that every student stepped up and gave their absolute best. The layout of her class, in a painting studio, is unlike any other class I have observed. I was transported to my time in art school, watching easels and ponies jostling for the best vantage point, and watching the subtle dynamics of confident, dominant, not so confident and emerging student artist, at play. And weaving her magic between the students, and between all the hard won best possies was Suzanne like the gentlest of learned spiders, weaving an invisible gossamer thread to bind them together, keep them on task and on time, and encourage them to step up and be bold. She is simply brilliant.

AMANDA BURRELL, Principal of ‘Captivus’, innovator and presenter of ‘Lecturing as Performance Programme’, The Australian National University, Canberra.

 The course helped me connect to my deeper expression, and go with the flow. I gained skills to paint and draw – different techniques I haven’t tried before. It helped me be more open. I now look at my work with different eyes and mindset. What helped the most were the meditations and ‘the method’ you took us through. I recommend this course because it opens different parts of yourself and your mind; expands your skills and the way you perceive. It’s a beautiful process to take yourself through as it is gentle and inspirational. Loved it!

ALANA LYONS (re the program ‘Make your Sacred Art: Meditative Art’)


The course helped me relax and forget my worries. It taught me all creations are positive. What helped most was the wide range of knowledge presented and the soft, positive, encouraging approach. The course is a cure for stress with an empathetic teacher, and will expand your view of art and creativity beyond your imagining.

TED EDWARDS, Entomologist, ANIC  (re the program ‘Make your Sacred Art: Meditative Art’)


These would to have to be two of the best weeks of my life so far! Living in a casa in Firenze with like-minded people, learning Italian every morning, followed by creativity classes in the afternoon (3 days a week and exploring Florence’s abundance of art on the others). I have learnt so much, on so many different levels, about myself, my abilities, my passions, and how to tap into that effortlessly… This would definitely be the best investment I’ve made in myself to date and I feel the benefits will flow forward into my future as I follow the paths that have been opened to me…I am so keen to follow these exciting opportunities that have been so gracefully shown to me – ways to access my innate creativity. I would highly recommend this adventure to anyone interested in developing their creativity in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. This comes from the heart of someone with no artistic training. Suzanne instills such trust (which is well-deserved) that the whole process just happened without me having to “know” anything.

SUSIE CHRISTIANSEN (re “Love your Creativity” 2 week retreat in Florence, Italy, 2016)


Journey sessions with Suzanne have been a force of positive transformation for me. After my first journey session, I felt the shimmering of new hope for my future and this awe-inspiring sense of personal clarity and connectedness with life. I did four more sessions over the course of a month following that first experience, and during that short time, I feel that I traversed the kind of territory that it may have taken decades, if ever, to traverse in talk therapy. I’m a fairly astute and often sceptical person; I’m not interested in fluffy hippy bandaid therapies, and I’m equally uninterested in pushing away ‘dark’ feelings with positive psychology or CBT — such practices have failed me, as they have failed to acknowledge the validity of my whole inner landscape. Journey sessions are so powerful because they safely take you, through a kind of hypnotic guided meditation, into the deepest realms of your psyche — it feels similar to dreaming, but more empowering and mesmerising, and often fun. The things I’ve found out about myself through my sessions with Suzanne have surprised me in the most gobsmacking way. And it’s effortless — all I do is arrive at her house, sit down in the comfy armchair and allow myself to be safely guided by her in the process. Because this work operates on a very deep level, making the subconscious conscious, it’s important to be guided by someone who is trustworthy and gentle, and who isn’t going to push you beyond your safe boundaries. I felt really safe with Suzanne — she is a true elder. She has quietly drawn on her wealth of life experience and the tenderness of her maternal nature to support and care for me through my processes and I have never, ever felt pressured or challenged by her — only encouraged to stay curious and to care for myself. Her care extends to beautiful hospitality — she offers herbal tea before the session and provides a beautiful sunlit room with soft blankets if you need them. I feel that this work isn’t just a one-time thing in my life — it’s something I want to return to whenever I face fresh challenges, blocks or difficult experiences. Things move and change so fast when I’m sitting in that armchair at Suzanne’s house. My mental well-being and worldly outlook have profoundly shifted since beginning to work with her. I’m a believer!

Writer’s identity withheld for personal reasons.


I initially went on a whim and tried the Journey process to see if it would make any difference to my life. I didn’t know what to expect, but when I had my first conversation with Dr Suzanne Moss, I knew she was someone I could trust to take such an important journey with. It may at first glance seem unclear what the process entails and what impact it could possibly have on your life, but for certain, after you undergo the Journey under the caring stewardship of Suzanne, you’ll arrive at and have access to new realms of possibilities. 

By only going deeper into your inner world, the unknown and into the subconscious memories is where the opportunity for profound transformation resides. And through a life transforming process such is the Journey, did my life and the way I interacted with my life situation unfold with unprecedented grace, ease and equanimity. In practical terms, I have been compassionately taken through a process to let go of what’s no longer serving me, whether they’d be limiting beliefs, past grievances and dogmatic ideologies – most of which I wasn’t even aware I was harbouring – to now be living a life that is no longer weighed down by the very things that seek to undermine, limit or diminish my expression of my authentic self. To act powerfully with a sense of knowing that you are exhibiting your truth means that everything else: the pain, the drama, the crazy and everything else that seemed to make life difficult is no longer worthy of your attention. Your energies can now be mobilised to whichever way you choose fit. You are free. 

While you may think that this is quite unclear or in the very least unusual, let the possibility of a better life compel you to invest in your own personal transformation. You’ll be delivered graciously onto a new earth, ready for some new perspective-taking. What I’ve personally discovered is a new richness in life that creates a new appreciation and savouring of my time here on Earth. I am born anew. 

 VIVIAN WU (nom de plume) Senior Public Servant 

Your Level 1 course (RECLAIM YOUR CREATIVITY) helped my gain confidence in my ability to be creative again. It reminded me of the joy and peace I feel when I am immersed in creating something… I love how you discussed the theoretical and philosophical foundations behind what we were doing. I was so impressed at the breadth and depth of your knowledge. Wow… I especially loved the visualisation exercise to help us choose our colours, it was so powerful and in some ways the choices were surprising… I really enjoyed the small and intimate class size. Thank you for such a wonderful experience. I am very grateful for it.


Suzanne is a patient and insightful teacher… For me, I was trying to rekindle my creativity. The (meditative art) course allows you the access and reflective space to gain your own insights and inspiration.

DAMIAN SMITH, Draughtsman, Photographer

I stand behind my arts more than ever and people also feel it. I get confirmation from it. When I’m painting I diminish stress… Or I’m searching for solutions on situations or problems. It calms me down… I try out more courageous things. Painting is fun and work at the same time. The white empty sheet of paper is no more a ghost. Suddenly people are interested in what I do and also in my pictures. I try out new painting technologies and colours. Light and shade. Effects. … I have painted with my children in their Christmas holidays. It was great for them and for me. We sat on the floor and painted with acrylic colours and our hands. … The surprise has been big. Great paintings! And they were really sunk for 2 hours in their work. Painting has become necessary, alive and important in my life again. Thank you very much, Suzanne! 


Suzanne’s clear feedback motivated me to make an immediate change in my life – a change that means the difference between health and illness, fulfillment and frustration. Suzanne also led me on an inner journey that brought healing to one of the most challenging aspects of my past. She has an amazing gift in terms of creating a completely safe space where deep transformation can happen gently and effectively. I warmly recommend Suzanne’s work to anyone who wants to connect deeper with their creative source!

HALINA GOLDSTEIN, Coach & Teacher, Denmark

Experiencing Suzanne’s work was profoundly healing for me. I did not know what to expect, but I trusted her expertise. What followed was a deeply transformative journey. Suzanne guided me gently and lovingly while helping me release outdated beliefs, let go of old patterns and reframe painful memories that were unknowingly coloring my present decisions and life choices…Working with Suzanne opened up space for new awareness of what is possible for me. I bow in gratitude to this magic woman and skilful practitioner.


I am very……..GRATEFUL. I recommend this (meditative art) course absolutely! I relaxed, had lots of fun when working on the creative part, and I had ideas about my future activity. It doesn’t even matter whether these ideas will turn into reality right away, I feel that that there will be a creative change of direction in my professional life.

6 months later: ‘My creative practice helps me stay sane. I feel inspired to bring my vision to my workplace. My quality of life is better and I would like to continue this creative outpouring!

GRAZIA MICCICHE’, Senior Lecturer, Turin, Italy

The chance to have a whole weekend of creativity was enjoyable, helpful and is already useful. The simple act of turning on to a shut-down part of me made me realise what was missing or what could be important, once again, in my Life. Choosing colours is like choosing Life!… I definitely recommend the course. It was part of a constant that has been missing in my Life for quite some time. Go for it! It just might be the encouragement and stimulation you need to open or re-open some area of your true being like a ‘Yes, I can!’ It was so good to have expert instruction…A real integration of creative spirit performed in the company of like minds. Thanks Suzanne.

MARILYN POWELL, Forensic Archaeologist, Ceramicist, Photographer, Writer

Since your training in 2015, I have an appreciation of how important it is to sit and make; to reconnect with the present moment has been quite profound for me, while also being less judgmental of creative processes…I’m much more aware of the need for creative expression. Both my parents were very creative but it was a luxury for them and they stopped themselves. I still colour, and can do it without thinking it’s a luxury. I don’t have to justify any more, I just know I need to nourish myself.

MAUREEN FLANAGAN, Teacher & Counsellor ​


I found the ease of the course beneficial. There was no expectation, and no having to do. Just a gentle ease which was awesome. Yes, I recommend this course – you would be surprised at how creative you really are.

JAN HENDERSON, Presenter and Senior Accredited Practitioner of The Journey Method, Australia

Well, it slowly creeps up on you without you knowing it, and there you are creating the most amazing things you would never have imagined you were capable of doing. I couldn’t believe what I drew. I never knew I could make something that beautiful! …I got closer to who I am and I feel better about myself.”


If you are interested in restoration, personal growth and unlocking your self-imposed barriers to creative expression, Suzanne can help.



When I heard that Suzanne Moss was going to be my supervisor during my final year of my visual arts degree, I was absolutely delighted because I knew I was going to be in good hands. Suzanne’s broad knowledge of art theory is impressive, but even more so her ability to apply it to her classes in a creative, refreshing manner. As a teacher and mentor she is encouraging, patient, and giving; she fully understands that being an attentive listener is vital to her students’ learning and growth. Her approach to teaching constantly reminds us that much of art begins from the body and soul’s desire to engage with and benefit the world in which it resides.

FIFI WONG, BVA (Hons), PHD (Philosophy)