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Here are some of the benefits you can gain from a private art + coaching program –

  • Feel lighter as you unwind and gain clarity
  • Develop a creative growth mindset
  • Expand your imagination
  • See evidence of your unique creative expression
  • Grow your Artist Within
  • Develop your authentic ‘style’ 
  • Feel creatively self-expressed
  • Heal past hurts to your creative self  
  • Enjoy the wonder of creating your work 


How to start?

STEP 1: Have a conversation with Suzanne. A meeting is offered for corporate clients.

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How to proceed?

STEP 2: Follow up with an Artist Within Discovery Session online or in person. 

In this hour introductory session, you can…

~ Get in touch with creative resources you’ve had since childhood

~ Gain clarity about what is blocking your true creative expression

~ Discover steps you can take right away to move forward

~ Ask questions so you can discern which program might meet your needs


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And then?

STEP 3: There are 2 kinds of programs: for those who don’t consider themselves to be artists and those who do. 

  1. If you want to live into more of your creative potential and feel creatively self-expressed, whether that be in your field or through visual art, the RESTORE, INSPIRE & NOURISH programs are for you.
  2. For folks who are feeling frustrated and want to fast-track their artistic development or refresh their practice the INSPIRE, DEVELOP & EMPOWER programs are for you. Here’s a brief description of each program:


Remember and reclaim your Artist Within 

2 day program for 1-8 people 

Even though it may have lain dormant for years, our creative nature is always there and can be reawakened with a personal impact that can be calming, healing and rejuvenating. If you can hold a pencil you can do this.

Delivered and refined since 2015, this signature course can change the colour of your day!


“I’ve noticed more impact over the longer term. I saw more of the value of creative practice and the emotional benefits… I finished my Masters in Forensic Archaeology in 2016 and I’d been doing ceramics too. Your courses inspired and encouraged me to go further into that field. Now I’m doing a graduate certificate in ceramics and don’t wish to continue with archaeology because I love the creative aspect of what I’m doing now. I loved the way you connected thoughts and practice and explained the artistic side – I was fascinated. We were all so very different to each other in terms of where we came from and yet we all made meaningful work in your first course. You were able to connect to each of us where we were at, so we got to experience our own creativity and know it was good. Your course in 2015 was the beginning of my creative journey. Now I won’t let it go! That’s what had been missing in my life, and it brings me happiness. I can’t live without this… it’s about having something that means something deep inside.”

“Choosing colour is like choosing life!”

Marilyn Powell   Ceramicist, Forensic Archaeologist



Be free of old blocks and discover new ways to express yourself

Private VIP Day in person

This is for you if stuck or lack-lustre have been your vibe for a while. Devote a nurturing, explorative and creative day to your inner artist and you’ll likely be rewarded you many times over. Specially customised to meet your needs, our day nurtures your freedom of expression in my creativity coaching framework.

My intention is for you to complete the day knowing in your creative bones how to move forward inspired!


Many thanks Suzanne for the recent workshop where you worked with my 14 year old grand-daughter and I, and inspired her to be herself and enjoy her creative abilities again.  This change has been wonderful to see as over the years I had seen her creative confidence and enthusiasm diminish in an education system where she seemed continually demotivated by assessments of whether her creations were “good” or “bad” rather than just being a lovely creation.  I’ve also noticed lately that she has also been using some of the lovely art techniques you taught her in the workshop.  Many thanks. 

Diane Miller



Be replenished by this contemplative creative program

4-day/8 session in-person intensive course 1- 8 students

Recommended for anyone who is in recovery, burned out or who would like to make gentle creative expression part of their life.

Colour meets mindfulness in this restorative course, drawing on methods discovered during my own journey through serious illness.

Each of eight different sessions is a doorway to foundational teachings, methods and techniques for nurturing effortless creative exploration.


“I received more than I could have imagined from this course. I found Suzanne to be a wise and generous teacher, as well as an accomplished artist, giving us practical insights and inspiring examples of other artists’ works, both ancient and modern; pointing out and enlightening us with spiritual aspects, calming and focusing guided meditations enhanced with many group discussions. After completing many paintings and drawings, we left with a solid grounding of how to approach our work in the future with insight and confidence. Thank you Suzanne.”  LIZ MARTYN, Artist and Teacher


Find and grow confidence developing your painting style with colour & composition  

4 day in-person intensive program for 1-4 people

 When students ask about developing their ‘style’, they can be dismissed or given a basic answer… possibly because the answer is a big one!

It can take years to develop your own way of speaking visually, just as it did with the spoken word. 

Key to finding out more about your authentic use of visual language is through guided experiments that give you both freedom and structure so you can take the pressure off, explore and grow without the growing pains. 

“… I would describe it as not so much a ‘course’ but a life changing experience. When I went into my studio at the end of the week, and looked through the collection of materials, and the varying evidences of my practice over the years I suddenly and deeply realised “ I am an artist! I find my self filled with awe and inspiration for the magic of light, form, space and colour, expressing feelings and abstract ideas that cannot be realised in representational work. I have a new insight into my practice and feel empowered by this beautiful discovery. Here is a way of playing with the materiality of paint that I find myself connecting with on a higher level. It has been a re-valuation that has transformed my vision of myself and my place in the world. I am not sure words really express the magic I have discovered. Anyway, it happened at exactly the right time. How wonderful. I am so grateful…” 

Pari Gilmour, Artist & Art Educator



 Gain clarity about what you want to say as an artist, and develop skills to say it

Private 2 – 4 day in-person custom designed course with mentoring

Stop the struggle and ease frustration as you experience methods and strategies that can help you fill the gaps in your skills and blocks in your thinking.

Prior interview, review of your work and what you want feeds into the planning of your program around a coaching framework.


“Working with Suzanne has changed my life!! I thought I knew about paint….I knew nothing! I thought I was developing a palette…..not even close. I thought I knew the style of painting I wanted to do…nope! By working intensively with Suzanne everything has changed. She seems to not only have an immense depth of knowledge in art (far beyond anything I have seen or learnt from reading EVERY book and watching EVERY video I could) but is so gifted at relating what needs to happen for an individual student. There is a freedom gained from the way that she works with you. With the only intention that you be the absolute best you can be Suzanne informs, assists, guides, and coaches you to see the right way through, FOR YOU! I absolutely urge you to get in touch especially if you are serious about your artistic direction. She is a treasure!”

Peter Gilchrist  CEO RTI Australia

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WORKSHOPS: Creative Think Shop


Presenting experiential strategies to boost creative thinking. The Creative Think Shop is customised to meet your needs and presented as a half or 1-day workshop. 

Bridging disciplines from health to art to education, this unique workshop facilitates a different approach. Experience a guided step-by-step method that sparks curiosity, calms the nervous system, stretches the mind and enriches the imagination.

 The intention is for you or your team to access creative genius more readily so you/they can harness more effective methods of ideation than brainstorming.


Dear Suzanne,

Firstly, thank you for your very kind words and for sending me your paper, “An Alternative to Brainstorming may also help prevent Burnout”…I very much enjoyed your multiple lens perspective and your inter-weaving of various experts’ angles and comments.

If I may say; given that I have experienced, what you refer to as your colouring session, (I would call it your brain expanding and experimenting experiment) first hand, you beautifully provided a space and elegant process for me to have new things happen in my thinking as well as re-ignite neurones that have not fired since childhood.

A wonderful example of small things having big impact!

Sincerest Gratitude

Allan Parker

Managing Director, Peak Performance Development, Author of best seller “Switch on your Brain” and “The Negotiators Toolkit”


“I often think about the process you took us through… there’s an area of my brain that I’ve not explored since I was 5 years old. Your work is so different! It’s like taking icecream into a steakhouse… I saw a whole lot of people doing things they don’t normally do… you gave them an experience, and that’s a validation in itself.”

Lachlan Campbell, Director ProAgni, Agricultural Innovator