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The Paint from your Heart Program

This VIP program respectfully and generously empowers you with skill-building, hands-on practice, responsive guidance nurturing connection with your true creative nature and support as needed to step beyond the ‘comfort zone’ and paint with courage; paint from your heart!

Have you ever wanted to paint but think you don’t have time? Or it would be silly? Or too late?

What if you could paint and know what you’re doing, mixing the right colours and feeling the exhilaration of YES! I really can do this! And, yes you can within four days.

Drawing from decades of art education, research and much teaching and coaching experience, Suzanne is responsive to you within your customised program. She can help you clear and move beyond the blocks so you really can fast-track your development as a painter.

Wake to the feeling of freedom and excitement knowing you’ve chosen this immersive experience as a gift for yourself… there’s a sense of “OH YES!!!”

Catch the intriguing scent of art materials; see the different sized brushes, easel and your paints… It might seem a bit of a mystery but rest assured, all will be revealed. With everything taken care of, from paints and surfaces to your favourite tea and gourmet lunches, you get to focus on how it feels to paint your way!

Imagine the sensation of the palette knife slicing through buttery paint… See hues shift and change as you’re guided step-by-step to mix the colour you want. Is it a coral red, vintage pink, a tint of violet, a sage green, mustard yellow or… a striking turquoise?

With curiosity and wonder imagine making your unique marks… and feel how good it feels to just be you and know that’s the way. Being yourself, you can’t get it wrong!!!



Colours, shapes, line, mark and textures fill each day, along with guided meditations, healthy gourmet food, gentle walks (depending on our venue) and easy companionship.

Feel yourself relaxing into being completely yourself, opening up and having your questions answered as they arise, and being guided to access your own wisdom, so you can learn with ease, and grow in confidence.

Having delighted in the freedom of your creativity, feel your heart fill with gratitude for restoring your creative innocence as you behold your own studies and paintings, and promise to always remember the goodness of bringing your inner beauty to outer expression.

Have you ever yearned to live more fully and creatively self-expressed, just not sure how, so put it off… again? Right from Day 1, you’ll relax into guided ways of inner-listening and creative self-expression. Dr Suzanne makes it happen so easily that you wonder why you put it off for so long!

Do you really do want to learn to paint, but worry it’s too late now?
Creative expression is not limited by age. Dr Suzanne works with people from their 20’s right up to their 80’s. Her students forget their years and tap into their creative innocence as they become immersed in colours and textures gaining confidence with every customised session.

Do you think you can’t paint because you didn’t go to art school?
More and more people are discovering the joy of painting, and why not?! Whether you went to art school or not, you’re welcome to find out your creative nature is truly unique and amazing regardless of limiting ideas. There are many famous painters who never went to art school, dropped out or who were ‘late bloomers.’

Is worrying about being ‘good enough’ stopping you from following your heart’s desire?
Focus on what you want, and it will expand. Focus on what you don’t want, and it will expand! You get to choose. So, why not imagine the deep calm, wonder and aliveness of painting and expressing your kind of beauty.

Are you feeling blocked by self-doubt?
With the state-of-the-art coaching methods, you’ll be surprised by how those old doubts can be replaced by deep truths. No longer held back, and with support exactly when you need it, you’ll be truly surprised by what you can do.

Have you found group classes to be too noisy and stressful with irritating attention seekers?
Your private retreat is sacrosanct! You’ll have Suzanne’s attention, expertise and care all to yourself, learning in peace and quiet in dedicated time and space taking breaks when you need them.

Frustrated by not being able to mix the colours you want?
By the end of your second day you’ll know exactly how to mix the colours you want, and practiced creating exciting effects with colour – big steps toward making paintings you love!

Worried you can’t draw?
Suzanne will guide you in a natural way to draw so you’ll quickly gain confidence seeing you can create the most beautiful qualities of line.

You don’t want to learn online?
Great! Let’s find a suitable time and place for you to explore and express yourself with paint. The most important thing is that the venue feels right for you.

If you can relate to any of this, now is the time to allow yourself this extraordinary, transformational opportunity. All you need is the willingness to learn and grow, and you can relax knowing you’re beside a caring expert who loves to share her wealth of painters’ secrets!

On your personal VIP Retreat with Dr Suzanne, you’ll have intensive tuition, step-by-step visual art skill building, guided practice, Q&A, coaching and support as needed, so you can paint in ways you didn’t think possible!

By the end of your “Paint from the Heart VIP Retreat”, you’ll have …

  • Become more aware of, and grateful for your natural gifts
  • Moved through creative blocks so you can freely express your self
  • Gained clarity and feel more self-assured through reconnecting with heart’s yearning
  • Developed strong foundational skills for your painting practice and  understanding about art materials and what they can do
  • Discovered your unique way of ‘speaking’ with paint
  • Created studies and paintings that express your kind of beauty
  • Received Suzanne’s signature Creativity-Nurturing Method customised to suit you, so you have powerful tools to sustain your art practice and enjoy painting from your heart for years to come!

And like training wheels on your painting bicycle, Suzanne will be there for you with the Illuminate Mentoring sessions that follow your 4-day immersive training/retreat/


  1. This VIP retreat accepts you exactly where you’re at and nurtures your uniqueness!
  2. You’ll learn the foundations of painting, as well as more advanced teachings, AND gain freedom of expression in under a week.
  3. Your sessions are effective, enjoyable learning chunks distilled from Suzanne’s decades of artistic experience and range of teaching and coaching skills.
  4. You’ll create a painting that previously you could not have imagined making.
  5. Being the only student, you’ll fast-track your learning as you relax into creative practice with guidance exactly when you need it.
  6. Your teacher has the expertise to not only teach painting, but also guide you to access the wisdom of your heart and care for your creative soul
  7. You’ll reconnect with your ‘true colours’ and discover how you can express them more fully.
  8. You’ll be given Suzanne’s priceless Creativity-nurturing Method: Grow your Soulful Art Practice so you know the steps to making creative expression part of your life.
  9. “Choosing colours is like choosing life!” exclaimed Marilyn, one of my students. You’ll get to choose you every day!
  10. Gently reflect, and gain clarity, positively impacting the rest of your life.
I found “Paint from your Heart” healing and uplifting. It gave me that space to pause and decipher a path through troubled times. I finished feeling more integrated and emerged.
Pari Gilmour


From your first meeting online with Dr Suzanne, right through to your final session, everything is thoughtfully prepared to help make your creative learning and expression flow with ease and grace.

The Creative Freedom Day (online) and two logistics appointments beforehand help Dr Suzanne prepare to ensure your retreat goes ever-so-smoothly.

Your exact itinerary depends on your specific requests, location and whether we’re working in-person or online. As it’s for one, we get to create something extraordinary for you.

Here’s an example of an in-person itinerary at my studio:

On the day of your arrival, I’ll meet you personally and help you get settled.

Supported by quality materials, there’ll be 2 x 2.5 hour intensive learning sessions each day, plus Q&A during lunch and breaks for refreshments whenever needed.

With time to integrate what you’ve learned during the afternoon, enjoy  a gentle walk alongside calming, majestic trees and glorious afternoon sun casting rosy light across the land.

Each day you’ll bring awareness to your heart, and come to trust your inner prompts. Sense your confidence build as you see your paintings evolve, and feel lighter, free of old ideas that may have been holding you back. If that sounds good to you, feel invited to discuss the details with Suzanne.

Should I book?

The answer is yes if you…

– want to learn how to paint and ‘find your style’ even though you say you’re not creative enough!

– You’re ready to say ‘YES!’ to your heart and soul’s yearning, and follow through with dedicating the time and energy to own your dream

– You’re willing to be guided to do gentle inner work to clear creative blocks

– You have an intuitive knowing it’s right for you

– You’re ready to express your kind of beauty and feel the joy, fulfilment and renewed sense of meaning

– You’re a beginner wanting to learn OR would love to feel inspired about painting again.

The answer is no if you…

– are only wanting to paint landscapes, animals or the figure
– are unwilling to slow down and be guided to do the inner & outer work!
– want to paint like someone else
– insist on being late, missing sessions or using your phone during sessions
– are experiencing psychiatric, mental health issues or addictions that make it difficult for you to focus and learn

I’ve always loved colour and was totally involved in “Paint from the Heart”. I especially loved the watercolours and experimenting with different styles and techniques. Our discussions were very interesting and the meditations were powerful as well. The creative experiments gave me great joy – it was a rewarding experience to see it all coming together in my painting. Thank you Suzanne for a wonderful course!
Jeanne James, Teacher & Art Therapist

What’s Included


~ Your Creative Freedom Day of coaching via Zoom or in person prior to your 4-day retreat

~ 2 logistics/planning meetings if your retreat is in person

~ Comprehensive customisation of course material and behind-the-scenes preparations (NB: At least an hour’s preparation is needed for an hour of your attendance)

~ Art materials when we work in person

~ 8 x 2.5 hour sessions of intensive, private painting classes focusing on the elements of visual language.

~ 4 x Q&A sessions over a leisurely gourmet lunch/gentle walk

~ Refreshments and lunches when we work in person

~ Priority email

~ Suzanne’s e-book The Creativity-nurturing Method

~ Monthly Illuminate Mentoring 

What’s Not Included

  • Your accommodation and travel expenses
  • Suzanne’s accommodation and travel expenses
  • Activities during your free time
  • Shopping, phone calls, taxis, laundry, Spa services
  • Personal, medical or travel insurance
  • Mini-bar and room service bills
  • Freight of your art

Meet your Retreat Leader Dr. Suzanne Moss PHD

Artist, Painting Teacher, Life Coach & Artists’ Mentor

I can only describe ‘Paint from the Heart’ with Suzanne as a life-changing experience. The content and processes of those days were profound and moving, helping me access my inner world and natural love of colour.

Suzanne is a gifted, sensitive and intuitive guide and companion. Her life experience has brought together an exceptional balance of skills, knowledge and understanding of colour, composition and inner journeying.

I came to this time with absolutely no previous experience of painting, (other than enjoying what other people have produced). When I first saw the possibility of me “risking” this experience, my critical voice cut in and said “don’t kid yourself” However, I had a deeper knowing and luckily this won out.

I have been gifted with a new set of eyes, which has nothing to do with being an “artist”. I now have an extra means of seeing, feeling, understanding and expressing who I am.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart Suzanne and would encourage any person to follow their yearning and allow Paint from the Heart to empower and fill their life with light, colour and love.

Jan Roberts OAM


How much is it?
Each retreat is customised and so the costs vary. Have a complementary call so we can get clarity about your needs and budget. Properly informed, you might choose the online version or we can begin to plan your unique Paint from your Heart experience.
Can you accommodate dietary restrictions?
Yes, I can arrange suitable lunches with your detailed instruction, however, I am unable to guarantee complete absence of allergens for people at risk of anaphylaxis. If this applies to you, it is best to organise your own food or participate in the online version of this course in conjunction with private Illuminate Mentoring.
What travel documents do I need?
New Zealanders require a passport but do not require a Visa. Visitors from Europe, UK and the USA will require a valid passport and Visa.
What’s the weather like?
Autumn (March, April and the first half of May) is the best time to visit the Snowy Valley, with crisp mornings and sunny days, from 15 – 28 degrees.
What do I bring?
Be sure to bring comfortable walking shoes, a sunhat for the sunny days and beanie for cool evenings; an apron to protect your clothes, a warm jacket, and your journal.
Where do you take people on solo retreat?
I have given retreat-courses in people’s private homes and venues such as art centres and resorts, as well as my studio in the foothills of the Snowy Mountains. If you’d like to meet somewhere else, we can discuss what might be possible!
What is the best way to get to your venues?
Daylesford is an 80 minute drive north-west from Melbourne. For international travellers fly into Tullamarine Airport, Melbourne, and hire a car from the airport OR there are public transport options.

For Tumut, fly into Canberra and drive the 2 hours from there, or I can pick you up from the airport.
For Florence, you can fly directly to Vespucci Airport or take the Fresciarossa express train from Rome or Milan to Santa Maria Novella Station.

Are there medical facilities nearby?
Yes, there are medical facilities at Tumut, Daylesford and Florence. Of course, we’d need to consider where you’d like to safely go given any pre-existing medical conditions. We can discuss this on your complimentary call.
Other questions?
Write them down now and ask me when we speak on Zoom. And if you’d prefer to speak on the phone, just let me know in the application form. Thank you!
Suzanne has a calm, caring mastery and brilliance that truly connects with me and guides me to discover my Self and my natural way to draw and paint. I can’t speak highly enough of “Paint from your  Heart.”

I feel wonderful after those 4 days! It was like pressing the ‘refresh’ button. Before, there was heaviness. Now I feel awakened and excited with clarity to pursue this new way of being that welcomes my worth and meaning. I see a changed woman when I look in the mirror. And when I play my piano it sounds sweet and I know my soul and being are aligned.

Now I realise there’s opportunity and possibility. I start my day differently. I care for myself. I schedule my creative time and have so many ideas – I feel so much better! Creatively, I’ve been feeling ‘on fire’ since the course!

I’m convinced I would not have reached my destination with other people in the room (virtual or real). And to maintain momentum in my new painting practice and sustain this preferred way of living, I’m continuing with Suzanne as my Mentor. It’s helping me to be better for me!



Working with Suzanne has changed my life!! I thought I knew about paint….I knew nothing!

I thought I was developing a palette…..not even close. I thought I knew the style of painting I wanted to do…nope!

By working intensively with Suzanne everything has changed. She seems to not only have an immense depth of knowledge in art (far beyond anything I have seen or learnt from reading EVERY book and watching EVERY video I could) but is so gifted at relating what needs to happen for an individual student.

There is a freedom gained from the way that she works with you. With the only intention that you be the absolute best you can be Suzanne informs, assists, guides, and coaches you to see the right way through, FOR YOU!

I absolutely urge you to get in touch especially if you are serious about your artistic direction.

She is a treasure!

Peter Gilchrist

CEO RTI Australia

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Portrait and studio photographs courtesy of Donna Longobardi. All other images taken by Dr Suzanne Moss during her painting course/retreats.