hi! I’m suzanne

When I see my students immersed in making and there’s a certain feeling in the room… whether they be bent over their work, or looking up at me with open curiosity and wonder, I’m in the presence of inspired creativity, and know I’m in the right place.

Having pushed paint around for (ahem) decades, I went to Art School 20 years ago, but before that, attended many art classes. I found it hard to concentrate in group situations and often left class feeling frustrated I’d not got what I came for. My teacher was kind enough to work with me one-to-one. A sense of ease, reward and confidence soon followed. Years later, I discovered I loved teaching, and have a lot of skills now to help people access their true creative nature and facilitate relaxed, yet fast-track progress.

Coaching has been a natural go-to for me to assist my students. No matter how much we know, or how talented we are, we can hold ourselves back in ways we can’t see. If we knew, we’d stop tripping ourselves up, right?! 

 A Discover Your Artist Within Session with Suzanne is complimentary on booking any program.

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An award-winning artist, Suzanne has mentored and taught painting and drawing at university art school, community art centres, while artist/teacher in residence, internationally on retreat, as visiting artist and in studio programs during the last 12 years. She draws on her experience as an artist, teacher and Accredited Life Coach working one-to-one and with small groups. Suzanne’s art courses and coaching programs help people build both visual art skills and confidence so they can listen, respond and fulfil their desire to feel creatively self-expressed.