It’s late at night…and I have a question – why do people think they are not creative? It’s a human gift to be creative….Maybe people think its super special because of being a ‘buzz-word’ currently… And possibly more available to ‘creative’ types of people. Do young children think this? I don’t think so.Creativity is ordinary in its availability to all, AND extraordinary in its infinite range of processes and results. Its just that we’ve collected a few unsupportive beliefs along the way.

Its a good idea to turn these around. Beliefs effect our genes – an area of new research called epigenetics (see ‘The Biology of Belief’ by Bruce Lipton PhD, 2005). So if you believe you’re not creative, guess what? You’re not! Lipton, cell biologist and writer, makes it clear that our beliefs are programmed mostly before we turn 7, and, thank goodness, can be re-programmed. A chapter in Lipton’s book ‘The Honeymoon Effect’ lists modalities that work with people in this way and he includes The Journey – an approach I have extensive training in.

Guess what else? Human beings are innately creative – it is totally natural for us to make things. Especially with our hands. And just as each person’s signature is different, so is their flavour of creativity. So get this – your kind of creativity is yours and yours alone. No-one else can create something the same way as you!

Creativity is a naming word. It is a name which sums up all the inner resources that come together to seamlessly be, think and do stuff that intentionally creates. The process is described as being creative. The evidence may not be apparent, but the process of making changes the maker – creativity gives inwardly and outwardly.

Creativity involves being and doing in a way that is fully engaged, engrossed and intrigued. There is a way there and process after. However, in the depth of the creative experience, the body, mind and spirit create in a state simply described as ‘flow’. Being in the effortless flow of creating, skill carries out an inspired vision. Remembering the ancient cave drawings of Lascaux, this has always been part of human experience.

Cultivating a skill provides a vehicle through which creativity can happen. It happens in you, through you, solo. Speaking with a university lecturer and colleague yesterday, she realised ‘I don’t have enough time in my life to NOT be creative!’ She was saying that being creative saved her time. I say being creative saved my life! You can read about that in the ‘About me’ part of my site 🙂

I’ve been invited to present at an upcoming workshop on creativity at The Australian National University, so my next post will be all about that. I’ll be sharing myths and truths about creativity; what gets in the way and how to facilitate one’s creativity.

Stay warm and well 🙂