I was right – wonderful people came along to my free talk. Many thanks – you know who you are 🙂

They heard a Shaun Tan story about a Dugong and a little boy who who followed his intuition, living creatively.

They heard about common-garden, or ‘little c’ creativity and the ‘Big C’, the relatively high calibre creativity of masterpieces and celebrities and the super-human kind of leaders that businesses want…

They learned that the Big C is built on lots of little C. An example was the inspiration for Frank Gehry’s Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao.

They heard my definition of creativity:

Creativity is what happens when we surrender to the creative process. It starts with inspiration and evolves with attention, action, nurturing, dedication, skills, failure and progress….and something results whether it be visible or not. The process makes something, and changes the maker.

They were there because they wanted to know how to upgrade their creativity.

But…’I don’t have time.’

The first way is to believe it is important. They learned they are creative; that no-one else’s creative expression is like theirs, and the refusal to acknowledge and use it, leaves part of the self undeveloped, like a closed bud.

The second way is to be present and bypass excuses – ‘I’m too busy, worried, stressed, depressed etc’ . They learned that in the present is the only place where we are open to inspiration.

The third way to upgrade creativity was to actually make something. And while there wasn’t time to make the skyscraper that was really a diving pool (acknowledging Chris Endrey’s great idea), we got to doodle about it. We learned the language of visual thinking and made some glorious doodles.

Wonderful! Thank you all so much for playing 🙂

Chris, Hannah and Catherine won coaching sessions with me and Fi-Fi won the lucky door prize – Congratulations!