Last Sunday was the first day of my series of workshops – The Meditative Art of Mandalas. Eight remarkable people came along. Their insightful questions and wonderful creative responses showed me good reasons to run courses like this.

So much has come together for these classes to be happening. I’ve thought about, developed, planned, written, rewritten and revised this course several times during the last year. It has grown and continues to stretch out beyond its current form. It will go online, but there is more work to be done!

Meditative art is richly rewarding territory – not just historically, spiritually, artistically, and creatively. The two faces of meditative art – making and contemplating – can open awareness into one’s higher intelligence. I don’t need to tell you this is a very good place to be! Worries melt away and epiphanies can happen. I’m hoping my students will tell you about it at the end of the course 🙂

We simply do not have good ideas when stressed when cerebral circulation is focussed in the reptilian part of the brain. The familiar stress and worry treadmill learned from previous generations – going harder, faster – is costly in terms of health, relationships and well-being. Meditative art is a much smarter and surprisingly easy way to access inner calm and creative genius. A small time investment can give you access to the best ideas you ever had, while your blood pressure is dropping and stress hormones ebbing away.

Me@mandalaclassTo bring into service my artistic skills and research together with what I’ve learned from seeking to grow and find a more peaceful way to live…working with people who are ready to shift out of stressed ways of being in the world…now that makes me very happy indeed 🙂

photo courtesy of Ted Edwards and Belconnen Art Centre, 2015