Being artist-in-residence at Il Borgo for April this year was an unforgettable experience! It was as much about meeting great people as being inspired to create in different ways. Delightful guests came to visit me in the studio, set in the gardens. Some took a condensed version of my Zen Drawing & Mandala course. The staff were wonderful. By the time I reached my table for breakfast perhaps twenty people had welcomed me with buongiorno! I’m grateful to the owners and the staff for their many acts of kindness and hospitality. It is most unusual to be able to step behind the scenes of a 5 star hotel in Europe and to also partake in some of what the guests experience. I shared breakfast with them on the beautiful terrace and a special weekly dinner of Tuscan produce. I had time to wander the Renaissance style gardens and be inspired by the beauty of spring emerging daily from the cool with its exquisite colours. I was given a space to work and whatever materials I needed. All this inspired my palette and will eventually be born asa new series of paintings I hope in time for exhibition next Spring. I will keep you informed…Here are some photos…More soon 🙂