Today is clear, still and sunny. Blossoms are just starting to bloom – I just checked on the Plum tree just outside my studio window 🙂

I’m starting a Spring round of my LEVEL 1 Meditative Art + coaching Course: AWAKEN your CREATIVITY.  It’s an intensive weekend course and wonderful to be able to work with people I haven’t met yet! The course has been revised and refined for those who have worked with me before. I also have a LEVEL 2 Meditative Art + coaching Course: YOUR CREATIVE JOURNEY coming up on the 10th and 11th October.

Past participants have told me this work has changed their lives – taken a load off their minds and given them some joy back. Some changed paths to fulfil their dreams. That’s what happened to me!

My courses are designed for a broad range of people, not just those who know they can be creative. Get life-long skills for de-stressing, replenishing AND BEING SMARTER! Zen Drawing and Mandala making with simple meditations are ways to finding inner calm and to reconnect with your natural creative potential.

I have used this work with scientists, academics, Steiner teachers, health care professionals, public servants, an architect, web-designers, artists and students. When stressed, we are not at our thinking best, and seriously need to be. Full engagement in meditative art can take activity and circulation from the lower parts of the brain where we experience fear, to the higher cortex where our great ideas come from.

This work works and here are two good reasons why: Research on the Creative Brain by Nancy Andreasen showed that when people were distracted from the problem at hand and doing simple tasks that were not at all demanding, their brain began to go into REST – random episodic silent thought. In this state, unprecedented connections were taking place between previously unconnected neurones in the neo-cortex, the most evolved part of the brain.

Sunni Brown in her great book ‘Doodle Revolution’ makes an excellent observation: when we engage our other senses in the sensory and kinaesthetic act of drawing, it provides the brain with loads of other information to draw from for innovative ideas. Like adding extra ingredients to the pantry, with Andreasen’s REST, you can understand how meditative art gives the brain lots of raw material to draw from in ‘down time’.  And there is more. A really important aspect of this work is the meditative state.

While meditation is about being rather than doing, the repetitive and easy nature of meditative art requires the focus of meditation but not the effort of achieving a particular outcome. In this way, doing becomes a way into being, into stillness. And in stillness, the best ideas are born. Add coaching to the mix and you get to give your self some attention, some love actually! 

Find out for yourself at one of my upcoming courses – see the latest flyer here:

 Moss_meditative art course


Beechworth, Victoria, Australia    12 – 13 September

Daylesford, Victoria, Australia    19 – 20 September

Canberra, Australian Capital Territory    26 – 27 September