Something unexpected happened today. A gift! I was taking my flyers to a shop in the city – a shop where I’d seen a notice board of consciousness-raising courses. There I spoke with Lauren, who told me she was confused about what I had on offer. We spoke some more and it was SO great to get this feedback – thanks Lauren! I’ve acted, inspired to connect and share. I love what I do – this new work that I’ve developed from my experiences of meditative art and coaching – and I really want to get the message across…

The image of a rose opening with time-lapse photography was at the back of my mind from a post by beautiful colleague Lisa Edmonds…And, I remembered the poetry of Hafiz:

How did the rose ever open its heart and give this world all its beauty? It felt the encouragement of light against its being, otherwise, we all remain too frightened.”   HAFIZ from the book of poems ‘The Gift’

In the words of Hafiz, I know my courses offer the ‘encouragement of light’. Two days of slowing down and looking inwards, attending to, listening to and expressing from the neglected self – an opportunity for self-love unlike any other. Like the rose, you can open up and be more aware of your gifts, your potential and give the world your beauty. Every person who has worked with me has realised something new, has made something that they did not think they could. I have seen them bloom and it was wonderful! You too can be like the rose.      Level1_Moss_Meditative_Art2015