Welcome to my newsletter! It has been such a pleasure to connect with you, either through my courses, your courses, groups, via email or website – thank you for your interest and much more than that…most of you have been so supportive and kind. I often feel held, supported in this work which is taking on a life of its own. 

Three weeks ago I moved house, thus you can understand why my monthly post is late…I’m settling into a share situation, with lovely housemate Lisa, a sweet-natured dog – Rusty, Lily the cat, and several chooks whose names I don’t know yet.

Not much unpacking has happened this last week, since I’ve recently run the 5th Level 1 RECLAIM YOUR CREATIVITY since returning from Europe in late June. Another fabulous group! And now I’m organizing to return to Europe and teach a Level 1, 2 and 3 combined course in Florence next April at Koine’ School where I spent 4 weeks earlier this year. Following this, I’m hoping to do Level 1 courses in Germany and the UK (near Bath).

My Level 2 YOUR CREATIVE JOURNEY, was held on 10/11 October in my studio and was profound for all of us. Thank you to my open-hearted, ready and willing colleagues. I feel very grateful to be able to develop and share this work. The final Level 2 for the year will be held on 21/22 November.

The Level 3 CREATIVE FLIGHT is coming in early March, and I’m really looking forward to sharing this whimsical, joyful course that I’ve not shared before. 

The following is about upcoming courses – and please pass on to anyone you think might be interested. There’s quite a lot on the Love your Creativity Florentine course – the first time bringing my 3 courses together into one life-changing course in an amazing location; a rare and special offering. If you feel it may be the right thing for you, let’s talk! I look forward to welcoming you. 


Level 1: RECLAIM YOUR CREATIVITY December 12-13 or  31 Jan – Feb 1, 2016 CANBERRA



Level 2: Your Creative Journey 21 – 22 November 2015 or 20 – 21 Feb 2016   CANBERRA

Level 3: Creative Flight 5-6 March 2016

(2 days + separate 2 hour one-on-one coaching session) CANBERRA


Colour theory made simple and practical, mixing and interactions in any medium to help you create striking designs with colours you want. This course went well and will run again on demand next year. Please contact me if interested.

Wednesday Evening Summer classes – For those who have completed at least Level 1 or a colour workshop with me to build on what you have learned with prioritising your time for self-directed projects with guidance and feedback (max of 4 students) 6 – 8.30pm: 25th Nov and 9th Dec (gratis 30th Dec) 27th January, 10th Feb, 24th Feb, 9th March, 23rd March. 7 sessions.

30th December: Preparing for the New Year 

Evening with food to share 6pm – 9.30 pm – with guided visualization and coaching, exploring and creating intentions for the New Year. This is a special BONUS offer in gratitude to participants in Level 1 and 2 courses this year.

Love your Creativity FLORENTINE JOURNEY – Art + Language classes for beginners in Florence, Italy – 15 nights 2016

A collaboration and rare invitation from me and Koine’ Language School of Florence, this 2 week course engages you in Florentine life, language, art, igniting creativity. Live in an apartment in Florence for two weeks and experience the richness of introductory language classes and enjoy guided tours, good food, adventure and discovery; visiting masterpieces and nurturing your creative self.

In Florence, there are two major differences to how I usually teach these three courses. Firstly, In my 20’s, I was a student in Florence and want my students to experience what that was like. It is such an inspiring place to be.

Secondly, I’m offering the best of my three levels of training in one course with one-to-one attentions, support and coaching. There’ll be a lot of discussion outside formal course hours too.

With me you can grow skills that move you out of being stuck in old patterns and reveal your unique creativity – something most people don’t even realise they can do in a relatively short space of time.

From participation in my classes often flows a natural love for your creative self that sets you on the path of a better version of your life. We were designed to be makers first and problem solvers second!

Making, I have found repeatedly assists problem solving. This makes sense given the ‘Creative Brain’ research of Nancy Andreasen – we need new input for the brain to draw from while we are not trying to figure things out; the brain make unprecedented connections while we’re ‘taking it easy’, arriving at epiphanies when least expected, however, we need new, quality input to do this well!

Spending time in Florence creating, seeing and learning Italian, enriches and opens your mind and helps you engage more fully with all that you see and experience there.

In a supportive, creative environment, you can be creatively refreshed and inspired!

Contact me for the link to check out my powerpoint presentation on Florence.

Background information:

This retreat/course draws strongly on my artistic practice as a painter and long-standing love of Florence, of being creative and nurturing creativity in others through teaching and coaching. I have been to Florence several times, twice for month-long visits, and have over 30 years creative arts experience; visual arts doctoral research; Coach training (ongoing since 2007) and practice (since 2010) and many years of various kinds of meditation practice. It all comes together to care for the creative soul.