Kabir_dove copy

Kabir was standing at the back of the group critiquing my paintings. I’d never seen him before. He waited until the others left to speak with me about my work, and after all these years what he said remains a powerful reason to paint.

Someone mirroring the truth you cannot see in your work; in your self, Kabir came into my life in a way that was momentous. Who does that?! I realise his influence on my teaching, coaching and making. He is a true and wise friend.

Kabir makes powerful art for peace in the streets of Kabul. As I looked at this photo again I saw it in a different light. He’s completely present. Both are free. I love the grace made visible in this photo taken not long after he repatriated to Afghanistan. 


I was 14 when I bought a mother-of-pearl dove brooch and have worn it on the back of my jacket for years.


I’ve painted the dove after El Greco. In this image she provides an alternative to the crossed out bomb-shape in the original photo from a street in Barcelona after the Atocha bombing.

My email address includes her name: DoveArts – art and coaching for peace… and making art you love.