…Nothing compares to this one work comprised of 3 enormous triptychs and 5 single canvases that almost eclipse the octagonal walls of the chapel.

Between 1964 to 1967, Rothko worked on this commission, producing the paintings after and while continuing to collaborate on the non-denominational chapel’s design with architect Phillip Johnson.

For the Chapel’s visionary founders – John & Dominique de Menil – their mission for the chapel was to unite spirituality and social change, for which they believed art is essential.

When I first heard about The Rothko Chapel, there was an immediate sense of resonance; a sense of my kind of place made by my kind of artist. Rothko’s paintings have intrigued and soothed me in their myriad variations from the multiforms to monochromes over many years. He continues to inspire me to persist with my dream of being a painter who makes work for sacred spaces.

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