After a few unexpected hiccups these last few months, a little pop-up show and workshop seemed like a good idea to run past Leanne at Simply Wholesome. Delighted she agreed, it’s my favourite place to stop and have an awesome coffee. Come along to the workshop, get your coffee on me AND much more!

The small-group Morning Sanctuary Workshop is 9-11am, Saturday 9th December. Click here to find out the details 

The show is only up for 8th & 9th December. It’s about slowing down and creating a space where the busyness stops. Having a designated space to meditate and/or contemplate helps us remember to stop, because we see it. A visual reminder, at very least it might suggest slowing down. Even a little more mindfulness could prevent a poor choice or an accident.

Around this time last year, I gave a workshop in Canberra – Meditative Art & Peace – and for the last hour or so we set up little meditation spaces. It was the first time I’d brought my ‘Peace Room’ collections out for others to play with and it was so lovely to see and feel the engagement of participants creating their unique, peaceful spaces. Wow! When it comes to teaching, those intensely quiet stretches of time are the best!

I realised we needed more time to do the composition part properly rather than tack it on at the end of a meditative art workshop. One learns with every workshop, course or retreat, that’s for sure. That’s why this class will focus on the 6 key steps to take to create and use a special space of your own.

During 2020-21, I’d given workshops as part of the regenerART series – art classes in bushfire affected towns in the Snowy Valley. My class guided meditative art processes with gentle creativity coaching. If you’d like to see me in action, check out this video. The whole thing is worth watching, and my interview during the class in Tumbarumba starts at 7:24 minutes.

Art – making it, composing it, being present with it – can create space, inner and outer, where the busyness stops. That can change your life, with long-lasting positive ripple effects to all you meet.